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  1. HandoEX

    Other than me, who has one

    I've been riding for a few years now. Past bikes were an '88 ZX6 Ninja and an '03 R6. Last year I picked up a 2002 Honda 919 Hornet. It's a naked bike with a fuel injected version on the old CBR900RR motor. I started racing it at the drag strip this year too. It's got Two Brother's dual exhaust...
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    f23 build

    You coming to Perfect 10 this year? If so, I NEED A RIDE!
  3. HandoEX

    f23 build

  4. HandoEX

    Owned! What An Idiot

    Every post the OP made has been deleted so it's way to hard to know what's going on without any of his posts. Weak.
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    Is there anything you aren't considering putting on your car?
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    No, the WOT activation does not shut the nitrous off between shifts. An rpm activated window switch will be needed to shut the nitrous off at your transmission's shift point.
  7. HandoEX

    98 accord h22 Dynotested

    You could fully build an f23 bottom end and peice together an entire turbo kit for much less than that H22 ran him. I have a hunch you could easily break twice the whp that H22 put out too on a boosted daily driver.
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    The ecu is under the dash, behind and beneath the stereo head unit.
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    Power Chamber 4 6th Gen?????

    yeah, way too expensive for an intake.
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    I'd rather use nitrous on an auto than boost. You can use a window switch to shut the nitrous off between shifts with a wot activated system. You could also know your shift points and use a push-button activated nitrous system. Overall, I'd still hesitate from putting any power adders on an auto...
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    RIP to Redskins Safety Sean Taylor

    This is a horrible tradegy. My prayers go out to his family.
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    Got my block back...(finally)

    OMG, that thing will be the tractionless wonder!
  13. HandoEX

    it's good to redline again

    I drove mine in limp mode for a little bit before swapping the ecu. It's a totally different car now I'm sure. Good work!
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    My ups and downs in 2007

    She was very helpful, but he was caught either way. She was not going to be easy on him and she even joined our local car forum and apologized for her son's actions! The whole situation was nuts. I probably wouldn't have pressed charges but the kid no intention of giving any of my stuff back...
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    My ups and downs in 2007

    I never said I didn't notice. The car ran 19s at the track for God's sake! I knew something was wrong but I didn't quite know what it was. Whoa, another 6th Gen guy in Fargo? Sweet! PM'd!
  16. HandoEX

    it finally happen

    Hell yes! The H22/nitrous combo should be able to make some real nice power if done right!
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    My ups and downs in 2007

    I haven't really updated what all has happened with my car this year so I figured I'd lump everything into one thread. A TON has happened and very little of it has been good so here goes.... January: My speedometer and odometer stopped working. I never really got a chance to fix it until...
  18. HandoEX

    Got my block back...(finally)

    My question is that will such a quick spool on a fwd car, how in God's name will you possibly ever get traction with this thing? I mean that as a serious question. What AR are you going with?
  19. HandoEX

    200,000 Mile High Club

    I'd probably be fairly close to ya but my odometer just started working (after fixing some wiring) for the first time since January. Congrats man!!!!!!!
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    Got my block back...(finally)

    Wow, nice build! The Darton sleeving must have come for a pretty price! Well worth it though I'm sure.
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    Junkyard Build up?

    You'll need a resistor box to run dsm 450s. As far as I know, there isn't a manifold from a stock turbo car that will fit the exhaust ports of the f23. A $200 log manifold on ebay is probably the best bet for cheapness. Be careful with that transmission. They don't hold much power at all.
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    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    That is not correct. I think you meant f20a. f20b=dohc vtec h22=dohc vtec f20a=dohc non-vtec h23=dohc non vtec f22b is the 5th gen Accord sohc vtec motor.
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    coolder plugd?

    Winner^^^ I've used Zex plugs myself but the NGK's are cheaper and will work just as good.
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    manual tranny/speedo problem

    My speedometer/odometer also stopped working after my car was swapped to a 5-speed. I replaced the VSS and it still doesn't work. I'm just going to drop it off tomorrow at a shop and have them fix it. Do you know if the 3 wire VSS connecter was put on during the swap? If not, that's your...
  25. HandoEX

    Auto tranny swap....

    I searched for two months for an H22 auto tcu and couldn't find one. I was willing to pay like $300 for one too and still no one could find one for me. They are IMPOSSIBLE to source nowadays.