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    FS: J32 Webb Cams

    Selling my BRAND NEW set of J32 Webb Cams. Comes as pair. Never installed 800 Shipped obo 7062333591
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    small update :D

    Ya rep that v6 accord boi!
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    My New Honda (Remix)

    It was just for fun
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    My New Honda (Remix)

    My Buddy Thinks He Has The Best Honda Evar!
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    Amsoil or Redline Engine Oil

    Well I had wanted amsoil but my mechanic recommended redline so that's what I have
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    BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta 4dr UPDATE 12/3/13 PG1

    BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta White Sedan UPDATE!!!4/24/10 So low man!!! And I'm jealous of the hid reverses
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    update on my car as of 1/27/11 more teasers

    teaser and more come if you wait and be patient ! It's gonna look good though
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    Snow Sliding

    A55 Sliding Ken gushi is looking for u
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    Missing that vtakk?

    I notice it fine In my j32. And maw when I moved to my 2002 Dakota r/t 5.9L while my accord was down, I didn't miss Vtak at all. All torque bby!
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    TimmieT978's 2004 Acura Tl A-Spec (no 56k)

    It is quite nice man
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    Clog seneloid vtec screen with certain oils!

    CAstrol and Lucas has for me
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    But good car andgreat family
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    Na me and my boss are a tight nit clic. He is a family man. He drives to work to home and to church. Thats it. He drives it very easy.
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    hellasunk accord woohoooo lol

    Love the rims
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    We like the black bumper. And 3000. It has a **** load of miles but it has been treated easy because it was owned by an Indian.
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    My g/f's new Accord!

    Just washed and waxed it. Bought it from my boss at DQ.Why the bumper is black is becasue my boss' wife was turning into the DMV while taking her drivers test and someone ran to close to her at the red line turning and took off the front bumper LOL!:fail:
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    Car dies randomly, no warning

    The heavy key chain made the inside of my whole ignition switch/tumbler/whatever wear out and I was making a bad connection with my immobilizer and off she goes!
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    05 accord tranny into 01 accord

    A used/ rebuilt tranny will die and the manual one won't lol!
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    Top Gear America.... Win or Fail???

    USA top gear is not to great too me, like USA ninja warrior
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    Modding RSX decklid spoiler

    Thankfod u r finishing this man
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    Spark Plugs

    I use iridiums but 2 steps colder for boost
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    Radiator Replaced; now red fluid is leaking...

    Tranny fluid def I would take this time to do a tranny filter