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    decided to do a j32a2 swap with the 6spd and build that instead! need some help from people that have already done it though, how hard would it be to do the manual?
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    6 speed swap parts list! (organized)

    this is for the j30 correct? lol because i thought only the CL-S was the only transmission that bolted up???
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    j30 6GA build

    That was something i needed help on haha, the rim size.. And you guys know of any performance parts for the j30 besides what i mentioned?
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    j30 6GA build

    I got a 01 Accord with the J30a1 with a nearly blown transmission. So far into my build is complete kicker audio with Kenwood-BTU deck, off brand CAI, open headers, carbon fiber wrapping on all pillars, center console, and fuel door. The entire build will include Honda Ralleye Red paint, Spyder...