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    FS: Megan EZ Street Coilovers

    unfortunately not, but mods please close. these got sold.
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    FS: Megan EZ Street Coilovers

    Hello friends, here i have a set of Megan EZ Streets with approximately 10-15k miles on the body of the coils and recently about 6 months ago was serviced (freshened up) by Megan Racing in the City of Industry in California. Basically you will be receiving coils with about 100 miles since the...
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    OFFICIAL socal SD meet crown point park

    I'm coming! put me down for condiments, plates and napkins! :boink:
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    FS: BOBwinkal's FS thread: (Autochecks, Tailights, Rims)

    FULL Autocheck search on any make or model car received by email within hours(like carfax) $2 each vin number (usually $29.99) 2001-2002 sedan driverside trunk taillight (no outside damage, inside chrome has bubbles) $20+shipping 2001-2002 sedan passengerside trunk tailight (HAS...
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    Whine from amplified speakers

    if all this doesnt help, look into buying a "ground loop isolator". It basically is another filter that will remove the alternator whine.
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    This guy needs to be labeled as a scammer.

    I would like to stand up for myself for this statement. I was not serious in any post in that thread on facebook. carry on. :lurking:
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    Socal craigslist findings

    Honda S2000 spoon diffuser can be well related to accords considering,
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    Socal Summer Meet September 2012!!

    LOL! :ohsnap: "Costumes are encouraged, and we may have a prize or two for the most beautifully or most creatively attired lads and ladies." quote from the facebook event....
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    Official 6thgenAccord Griffith Park Car Meet - 9/22/2012

    1. cjsaccord - cooler with ice, and grill 2.Elite1JDM & Friends - charcoal, hot dogs, carne asada 3.Rsxy- pitching in above^^^^ 4. Jephu - chips/water 5. 99accord boi - (will be there in spirit) 6. WestKoastHonda - junk food 7. BOBwinkal - probably plates cups and utensils.-.
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    Please take a look at my lil diagram :D

    whats the update on this, would it be possible for someone to put up a DIY? i back into my garage and this would be nice to see where i was going my normal reverse lights arnt as helpful.-.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    picked up some dunlop sport signatures (205/65/R15), stock size tires, from's warehouse, changing them tomorrow and aligning the car. .-. also, i didn't see the sh*tty railroad tracks on the street, and almost pooped in my pants.
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    DIY Mods under $25

    isnt this dangerous? the wattage of the headlight bulbs are different right? the 9005 should be 35w and the 9006 should be 55w right? :thinking:
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    ouch, im sorry to hear about what happened, though i believe if you give the make and model & license plate # of the car that was "driving recklessly" and prove that he was the cause of your accident, you shouldn't have to pay a dime.
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    SW8 voting

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    Offical Socal Meet in San Diego Mar 25

    to be honest, i live in california and the second best thing i've done involves staying in a hotel. and are you meaning Saturday after the meet right?
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    Socal Sightings!

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    LA/OC caravan to the official socal meet in san diego

    i thought you said you were rolling in to SD at 6:30pm? did you book your flight yet, where and when is it arriving?
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    wtb: Decent deal?......................

    The classifieds on
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    wtb: Decent deal?......................

    this is from v6p.-.
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    antifreeze circulating problems.. please help..

    When you take off the cap it is supposed to build pressure and circulate the coolant and water. Thus the radiator is doing its job. If your cap seals the radiator it should be fine right?
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    How much did it charge you to get you V6 auto trans rebuilt and installed?

    ^^^ with warranty? Give us the name of place please :]
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    drop request

    ^^^^ LOLOLOL. lifted matrix. When toyotas go wild...
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    Socal craigslist findings

    Random v6 two door parts 1998 honda accord radio cd changer $50 Honda accord hood $80 has flames on it.-. not specified whether coupe or sedan Steering wheel with air bag only $75