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    MY new toy

    so i still have the accord and gonna keep that as my winter car and my bass boxer. I picked up a 2010 Nissan 370z touring, nothing really done to it yet besides a new double din HU. i have really big plans for this car i absolutely love driving it. there will be a lot more photos to come
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    FS: all my g23 buld parts for sale

    i have a lot of stuff from my g23 build. i recently purchased a new car and am no longer modding my accord, i have a full f23 motor disassembled with manual transmission, make me an offer i got it all for $300 would also like to sell locally if possible i have a full h22 top end semi still...
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    THE Exhaust Review Thread

    Brand & model: srs (ebay) 4-2-1 headers Price paid and from where:$60 ebay Pros: easy to install sounded nice at first Cons: bolts just fell off of it from the headers and down pipe, also the down pipe sits wayy to low, like lower then then sub frame which if your lowered is very...
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    good headers for my lowered accord

    so hears the issue i have run into, i have read reviews and have come to some conclusions that dc ceramic headers are gonna be my only option, but i bought srs ebay headers and wack the down pipe and flex pipe on everything so now i have a pretty big hole on my flex pipe and the down pipe is...
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    FS: 11/29/12 Parts for sale!

    ill take them pm me your info please :thumbup:
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    FS: 11/29/12 Parts for sale!

    price shipped to 02809 for the H22 water pump and timing cog please very interested
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    JL Audio 1000/1 in 4 Cyl?

    i ran one on my L5s for a few months and worked great and it worked fine till i got my kicker 1250
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    Swedish House Mafia Tickets SF Bay Area 2/14/13

    oh man if i was on the west coast id jump on these i just barley got tickets for sunday in NY, suck you cant attend man... try to make the last week of ultra to see there last concert every!!! GLWS!!!!
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    Northeast Region meet pics teaser!!

    hears some other photos taken by my buddy mike (midnight photography)
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    Yeah man ill have them with me. My bad i was so damn busy this weekend
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    i got a bunch of different cars coming with me lol, i also just finished my 5 lug swap lol. i need to clean my IAC my stuffs all messed up from just sitting for 7 months
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    also facebook even for anyone who wants it
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    did you think about movie theaters?,Worcester,+MA&ei=SF6NUMCSB4jm2QWQ6oGYCw&sqi=2&ved=0CHQQtgM&iwloc=cids:6551790249881009061
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    G23 Build

    thanks man im gonna need it lol.... and sweet thank you i think majestic wanted like 100 for it so 55 is fine lol
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    Who's got the best lookin sedan exhaust ??

    Buddy club man look and sound great
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    G23 Build

    outa curiosity where did you grab the crank cog from and how much? i dont know if you seen my build thread or not but i am also building a g23, i will say you have quite a bit more accomplished then me lol but i have a lot bought sitting waiting, type s cams and k20 pistons, BC dual valve...
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    Re: UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!» i get my license back next Monday otherwise i would be at east cost accord i think you right in saying its this weekend.... i almost feel like this should be a new england meet and ny and nj members are more then welcome if they want to...
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    Re: UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!» works for me man i actually just shot you a text
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    2nd UPDATE+NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!»

    Re: NORTHEAST REGION MEET «before the snow falls!» already talked to you but game from Bristol RI
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    masstuning underground Boston underground meet

    these guys have some great turn outs for anyone in the area looking for a good show pulled straight from facebook Saturday, December 29, 2012 5:00pm until 9:00pm The Garage at Post Office Square, 130 Congress St, Boston...
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    East Coast Accord Meet

    damn day before i get my license back :(
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    FS: TSX/Accord Bumper Conversion

    omfg i need this lol
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    FS: Parting Out 2000 i4 5 speed sedan

    yo bro i need like shifter, cables clips lol pretty much all 5speed stuff accept the trans, got cash in had my man, pedal cluster gauges, and your in ri!!! lol
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    RI member 6gen NOOB

    yea i haven't been to anything at all this summer, well my car hasn't iv been around taking photos when i can. i lost my license till October and my car is currently under the knife, yea look for a tall kid with a mohawk usually with an spstuning shirt on or with NESCC guys. i have f2 type 2...