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    Best oil for our 6thgen's..4cyl

    5w-30 Mobile 1 is da shyzznit :D
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    Why turbos are BAD and MONEY WASTING

    There is a guy on everything-honda that has a turbo f23 with stock internals and has well over 100k on the engine and like 30k on it being turbo..I forget the guys name though
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    You have 24 hours to do this or else!!!!

    happy b day bro....
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    Just Whorin it Up PICS! LOL

    yes, it looks good bro :D
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    2, 4 and 6 speakers

    00 EX, with folding mirrors...but if you sideswipe a pillar in a parking garage..they get :D experience talking :)
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    hi flow cat

    Unless you are running FI, a reg cat will be just fine..I ran a test pipe for about 2 weeks and I lost alot of torque, then I broke down and bought a reg cat off ebay for $150 and it was direct fit and restored my lost torque, also my car is not as loud..IMHO :D
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    Where did you mount your component tweeter?

    yep thats stock location
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    Accord can beat...

    WERD homie!
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    Accord can beat...

    as long as the lawnmower is NA...LOL :D
  10. C This Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea, it was turbo'ed..that sux man!
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    Ferarri burnout & crash

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    Where did you mount your component tweeter?

    Check out my cardomain page, I put mine in teh doors, regardless what some may say, it creates a excellent soundstage, I have to turn down the treble! :D
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    BMW m3, m5

    Hey Bro Boaz!!!!! Nice light in the back! Bro Clevenger Prince Hall Mil Lodge #141 OK juris Herman Duncan consistory #23 As Salam Temple #215 Please to Meet you and Pleased to greet you :D
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    You guys will love me for this thread

    Im still shooting at the stupid dog when he laughs at me too!
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    Spark Plug?

    NGK..werd..its only like 1-2 dollars a plug
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    me lowering? no way!!

    I have tein S springs and tokico blues and are happy as horsesheet wit them :D
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    Headers for F23A1?

    You wont be disapointed Bro ;)
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    Headers for F23A1?

    its hard to notice a difference from the stock manifold to the headers, com on, its like a 3-5hp increase...It makes the engine look faster though, and thats worth at lease 10Hp on the butt dyno :D
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    Need A Camber?

    I have tein basics, tokico blues wit 18s, when I got an alignment the guy said I was pushing it, but he could align it within specs..any lower I would need a camber kit. tein basics drop 1.7 in back and 1.8 in front less than 2 inches
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    Headers for F23A1?

    The frickin resonating sound from my hollowed out cat is too loud for me to hear a whissing sound :D
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    Headers for F23A1?

    Ive heard nothing but bad about OBX, no about megan though
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    Blacknight & Cdubb77 header install

    dont you just love then turning a bronze color after the engine gets hot..Mine did the same :rolleyes:
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    Sooooooooooooo Happy With My New Deck

    If you wanna save some $$ for the front components...I have polk momos and they sound amazing! :D
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    Headers for F23A1?

    :D I have megan header(singular) and it is da shiznitt..Perfect fitment and great price and good looks...