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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Hmmm, in that case I was misinformed. No ceramic, SS only. Now, for the cat, are high flow cats legal? Will I pass emissions with say, a mag aglow cat? I'm from Jersey btw
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    I'm sorry to hear this. What did/are you drop/ing in to replace?
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Did any of you guys replace your stock cat? If so, what did you guys use? That should've been in my originally question -.- but my phone won't let me edit it...
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Okay, so don't buy ceramic because it doesn't last as long as stainless... You said you have OBX headers, can you give me a summary of your liking of them?
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Maybe I am just confused. It was a while back I read the thread I'm talking about. I read alot on here but I guess I don't retain all the info correctly
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    What's the problem with ceramic coated exhaust products? I read on here somewhere it was better then SS because they last longer... Am I misinformed?
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    8THGEN muffler!

    What rims are those on that white accord?!
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Unfortunately no vids that I know of, but I'm sure the next time I see him I can make a couple. If you can hear the awesome tone that is the g37 coupe, and amplify that sound in that best ways possible... that's exactly what it sounds like. Pure, hot, car sex! Pardon my vulgar phrase lol
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Thanks for the info on the CT stuff man, but before I settle on something that's a bit out of my price range, I want to get a couple quotes from local shops on custom piping. Like I said I want the DC ceramic coated headers, and a deep sounding can. I know a couple ppl with CT universal cans...
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    That's the range I'm looking for! My hope now is I can find that kind of range around here, I know this is going to be exspensive... But I'm not trying to blow $800+ on this. If anyone from the Jersey area happens to see this and knows how much I should be paying, let me know please?! And thank...
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    I was thinking that about getting a custom exhaust... But I don't want to get ripped off. If you can't answer this question it's cool, but supposing I got a custom system done with let's say a Comptech can(bringing the shop the headers, and can) how much SHOULD it run me?
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    Hmmm, I honestly never thought about contacting them about it. And I am looking for an exhaust that I will really hear my v6 roar. A deep sound would be awesome. I dont want my accord to sound like a stereotypical Honda fart can(in my area EVERYONE has a civic with a fart can, the occasional wet...
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    i was looking at Comtech... but thats a bit out of my price range, at least i haven't found any in my range yet. maybe to clarify, nothing over $400MAX... but id like to shy away from that number by atleast $100
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    yet another exhaust question -_-

    okay, so my mind is made up on purchasing DC 3-2-1 headers for my V6 sedan, my question('s) would then be... which exhaust should i go with? now, a few things to consider... since the V6 isn't a true dual, i want to eliminate the second muffler can because, personally i feel it looks cleaner...
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    proline??? or something along those lines...

    that would be helpful right? lol my bad.. imma see if i can a pic of them tonight and put it up.
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    proline??? or something along those lines...

    $500 for a set with goodyear tires? about 85% tread left. good deal? i was thinking $400 cause they have scratches on them, nothing deep, just took some paint off...
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    Windows roll down when key is out?

    Yeah it's suppose to do that. Once you open a door you can't do that anymore. Also when you leave your lights on and lock the door they shut off in a minute or so
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    99HonAccord New Updated Pictures, Summer 2012

    Re: 99HonAccord Sedan! Nice clean caro man! Another jersey member :beer:
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Spied on my car out the window in a stalker fashion :lurking:
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    I hate it when im driving my 6th gen and....

    all the idiot drivers are almost magnetized to me and my car. :darryl:
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    We we we so excited! We so excited! Looking forward to the weekend... I love how she tells us what's after Friday, and then after Saturday. I'm just confused as to how it flowed with the song tho :thinking:
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    You might be a ricer if....

    if you have a plush doll hanging from the little hook on your back bumper :ugh:
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    Window regulator or motor?? <-- thats the link.
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    Window regulator or motor??

    There's also a tutorial on YouTube for a 5th gen accord. It's the same process though, and it's very helpful. I watched this vid when I had to change mine out. Hope this helps!
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    Rims painted. *Wheels on car pg.8* no 56k

    Re: Painting rims *Pics on page 5 Bottom picture, left color sample. IMO it'll give it 'that something'