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  1. Robert Troncoso

    Clutch problem

    I bought mine from autozone a year ago and its been working great since. I dont remember the price for it though. Its probably around the 50$ range.
  2. Robert Troncoso

    Transmission Parts

    So what im getting to is that I can send out my p2a8 to the tranny shop and ask them to rebuild it using parts from an lsd trans? Also using the 5th gear from the p2a8?
  3. Robert Troncoso

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Did my oil change, cleaned my cold air filter, replaced my original battery terminals. I lent my car to my mom's boyfriend to get coffee, and the negative cable ended up popping off since it was worn and loose:anitoof:
  4. Robert Troncoso

    New guy in Hawaii

    You got really lucky with a car with that low of mileage for no price! Welcome to the site!
  5. Robert Troncoso

    Anyone replaced thier Rack and Pinion?

    I replaced my rack a couple months ago and it was a pain in the butt. I had help from my dad and hes been a technician for over 20 years and it was still kind of tough. We ended up having to lower the subframe down just a bit to get it to slide out and the new one to slide in. The thing is, the...
  6. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    I've had a test pipe on before I got the exhaust. It took about 3 weeks to finally get the entire exhaust since they were on back order.
  7. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    Thats honestly the reason why I thought they were there to keep the tip from deforming during shipment. I guess I should've kept it, oh well:shrug:
  8. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    Hey you didn't remove those plates at the end of the mufflers? They're bolted on with some allen head screws?
  9. Robert Troncoso

    Knocking sound at startup and low speeds

    Have you checked your engine oil level?
  10. Robert Troncoso

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    Its crazy how these Accords can last for so long. Mines around 310k and runs like a champ. I honestly thought it was going to die on me when i first got it but its proving me otherwise
  11. Robert Troncoso

    spoiler- yes or no?

    Yeah I was thinking of doing all the body and paint work first before anything. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Robert Troncoso

    spoiler- yes or no?

    Waking up an old thread here. My girlfriends sister had a 5GA coupe that got totaled in a minor accident. So I asked if I can take her wheels and her spoiler. I’m deciding whether to put this one or an oem one I found at a junkyard. What do you guys think?
  13. Robert Troncoso

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    I had to put my exhaust back on two days ago. It got ripped off when I high centered over a steep driveway. Also had to stick rear bumper from cracking it aswell. Zipties ftw:burnout:
  14. Robert Troncoso

    RT’s ‘01 Accord Coupe F23

    Thanks! and it does need something done bodywise. I also had to go back to stock alloy rims since i was riding on cords on my front tires.
  15. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    I feel like it speeds up a bit faster. Especially on the high end.
  16. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    I got that header and exhaust setup in the mail last Friday and was just able to put it on yesterday. Talk about a pain in the butt. My stock downpipe bolts were rusted and needed to be cut off, but that was as bad as the stock setup was. The new setup, Geeze. It almost felt like the...
  17. Robert Troncoso

    RIP Accord. My '99 Accord is dead.

    I agree. SAVE HER:lolrun:
  18. Robert Troncoso

    Stripped out head bolts

    I'm thinking you might have to drill off the heads of all the bolts that are stripped then lift up the entire head.
  19. Robert Troncoso

    RT’s ‘01 Accord Coupe F23

    The only body part ive replaced is the front bumper because the original was destroyed. The front right fender has also had body work done to it and is starting to chip so i'm going to replaced that soon. Once I have the body all straightened out i'll probably get it resprayed.
  20. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    They also have headers and downpipe for our cars as well. I might just order both from them and post a review. p.s just noticed your join date. I was 5 years old when you joined lol
  21. Robert Troncoso

    RT’s ‘01 Accord Coupe F23

    I have a couple of pictures of my coupe, might as well post them here 2001 Accord Ex F23A4 5 speed Bought it for 300$ in May 2018 and had 298k miles on it. I’ve probably put in a bit over a grand into this car in parts and accessories since purchase but man it’s running like a champ and I’m happy!
  22. Robert Troncoso

    SRS Catback Exhaust for f23

    Alright so that catback exhaust uses 2.5" piping all the way to the muffler which then enlarges to a 4.5" outlet. I like the 2.5" piping but the outlet sounds ridiculous. I read a thread on here not too long ago of someone asking if 2.25 or 2.5" was best, the answer was 2.5" which is why i was...
  23. Robert Troncoso

    Catalytic converter woes

    When i first got my F23 accord coupe, I cut off the muffler for the fun of it and added a CAI and it sounded pretty good for what it was. I added a test pipe and instantly regretted cutting off the muffler first.
  24. Robert Troncoso

    Changing brake light function

    As far as I know here in Las Vegas they're not required.