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  1. patofdzb

    Anyone remember me?

    nice!.. ppl do remember me! haha. i remember peter.. so hes got an srt4 hmmm.. neon or caliber? i also remember BadgerType i think was his User name.. he was also a frequent customer haha when i was around. and i still recognize lots of names, i recognize nexTOme, i think you sold me...
  2. patofdzb

    Anyone remember me?

    hey well i used to be on here every single day around 3 to 4 years ago, and gradually stopped when i got gen 7 coupe. this was actually my favorite forum, i have been on more honda forums, and in some vw / audi forums, in this by far is the best, everyone is very nice on here, and there are very...
  3. patofdzb

    The *WTF does everyone look like* thread..

    haha im the youngest... not sure if i even wanna post a pic...
  4. patofdzb

    Wait..who's car..?

    my brother has hankook ventus k104 on his audi, he just got them.. price was 520, but thanks to me & my "friend" 460... good tires for the price.. but remember im in mexico b/c of price
  5. patofdzb

    H1 bulbs into Ebay headlights?

    no hid kit is what shaved sells... hid's are th kind of lights you see an a bmw, mercedes, lexus etc. ( really white & bright ) true hid's ( not those you posted ) are almost the 3 times the light.. halogen 1100 lumens.. hids. ~3200...
  6. patofdzb

    DIY Mods under $25

    DIY Vtec light .. . . i wrote a diy thread :D link... also.. - paint calipers
  7. patofdzb

    The loaner,, and cars out of the shop

    haha i'm in Monterrey Mexico... over here its kph edit: yep nitto neogens... 215/35/zr19... imo great tires,100x better than oem but treadwear is not so great,
  8. patofdzb

    The loaner,, and cars out of the shop

    soo.. some of you knoe that my mom backed up into my car.. i took it to the hop and its out now... brand new fender, bumber and headlight(depo). before & after pics. before after.... sorry for the dark pics THE LOANER.. so my brother is out on vacation, and he said i could...
  9. patofdzb

    Carrerra GT in Hollywood w/ straightpipes AWESOME VID!

    car souds great , but it wasnt eant for him
  10. patofdzb

    Video sound of car

    damn... i want my car to sound like that.... sounds mean, like everyone else said... pics please
  11. patofdzb


    haha and the first one was a serious competition
  12. patofdzb

    Buaaahaha X2!!!!!!

    haha i agree with you
  13. patofdzb

    Salvage Cars...what do u think?

    instead of the accord, i was about to buy an 03 srt-4 with a salvage title... it was about 2k more.. it had a salvage title but it looked perfect except for 1 body line,,,, trunk & rear fender
  14. patofdzb

    Accord 3.5 (update pics) starting project "SLEEPER"

    nice... u shoud go get it dynoed
  15. patofdzb

    25bucks for injen sri....for reals?

    just ordered one... right now i have a generic one... but hopefully ill have a brand new injen !!
  16. patofdzb

    Lmao - okay sedan shirts - read this thread

    what kind of grey??
  17. patofdzb

    my mom backed up into my car... (56k)

    because imm not paying anything and neither is my mom... but it cracked on the inside
  18. patofdzb

    How often do you Rep

    i print out some flyers and put em on cars when i go to texas ( im in mexico) basically here in mexico i've only seen 2 other modded accord's ( wheels, tint, spoiler, sound) and im gonna buy a t-shirt!!!
  19. patofdzb

    my mom backed up into my car... (56k)

    im kinda excited, cuss the paint on my bumper was really bad...but yeah im taking it to the shop today,...
  20. patofdzb

    my mom backed up into my car... (56k)

    yea... i know
  21. patofdzb

    my mom backed up into my car... (56k)

    so about 5 days ago my mom backed up into my car not hard at all, she says she didn't see it... so my car is getting a new bumper, headlight, and fender... all that happened to her suv wa a little scratch. so the shop ordered the parts thursday, and im taking the car tomo. It'll be out by...
  22. patofdzb

    accident !!!!!!!! lol not my fault

    sorry to hear that man,but 1 month and 1/2!!?.. wow thats long
  23. patofdzb

    Cliffsta's '99 Sedan EX 4-Cylinder (56K) new pix pg 6 4/9/10

    same wheels here too but 19" and gunmetal..
  24. patofdzb

    damn :(

    that sucks man, hope it gets fixed soon my mom backed up into my car (small hit but, bumper, headlight, and fender are getting replaced).. we called insurance and im taking the car monday and getting it back wednesday..nothing to pay
  25. patofdzb

    led instrument cluster?

    so for the #74 do u get T1.5 or B8.3D? how many? and for the 194 the WLED with 5 leds, right? how many, 5? does anyone have white? if so pics plz