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    Import Alliance 2009!!! Updated with plans!!!!

    Re: Import Alliance 2009!!! Count me INNNNNNN!!!!!!!
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    Got Paid!!! Another Ride!! EK9 Content!!!!!!!

    Pretty much ridiculously awesome! ....i spy an open Heineken bottle...:jarred:
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    Dinzdale40's 2002 Honda S2000

    Ohhhhh, so this is where the cool kids hang out.
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    f u

    9.5s!!!!! ALREADY????? Keep it! It's mega AND light.
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    HFP or Si wheels on a 6th gen coupe

    Johnson, those look like TSW VX1s. Especially since there's a indention where the TSW sticker should be. Although, the centercap almost reads "ICW." According to Sport Compact Car Magazine (May 2000, pp. 102), for a 18x8 (offset not shown), they weigh about 27 pounds for the non-chrome ones...
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    new phot0s of the accord 05/31/09 !! no 56k

    MOLTO SEXI TIME, excellent.
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    My Accord looses control

    I would say practice, practice, practice. It could be simply weight transfer oversteer. A lot of times, when the rear begins to loses grip, our first reaction is to either countersteer and/or let go of the gas pedal quickly then brake. This causes weight to transfer to the outside front...
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    Rare Wheels Whose got Em Post Em!

    How about these???? I've seen them on 240s. No idea what they are...and I'm a wheel whore...
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    HFP or Si wheels on a 6th gen coupe

    HFP's!!!!! The third picture you posted look like the TSW VX-1's (aka Villains). Silverstars are always classy.
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    f u

    ONOEZ!!!! Those are the SICKNESS!!! MORE PICS, PLZ!!!!