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  1. JdmInspireJ30

    New Wheels

    Ya im probably gunna be buying wheels soon and have a few questions, i have tein S tech springs so roughly 2inch drop, and im pretty sure i want 18x7.5, maybe some bronze rota's on my emerald green coupe and wondered if anyone has any issued with a 40 series sidewall? and is rubbin that bad>...
  2. JdmInspireJ30

    5 lug conversion

    just wondering what all is needed to do this and how pricey it gets??? can i just but the 5 lug hubs, and new rotors??? or what
  3. JdmInspireJ30

    DIY: Vtec indicator light

    ok i did mine just like pysco g 305 and my light isnt coming on when i go into vtec for some reason, i checked the ground the wires everything its all lined up perfect, i even put a new led in. it still wont light???? any suggestions, and yes i have it spliced into the right wire so i dunno...
  4. JdmInspireJ30

    planning to buy coilovers soon, need help

    Anyone on here have ground control coil sleeves and springs with aftermarket struts??
  5. JdmInspireJ30

    Odd noise

    they are ground control spings, on stock shock's yes, but it almost sounds like something is rubbing but its checked alot. my cv boot is leaking but that would cause a clunk, not a squeek im hella confused....... but hopefully when i get the tein coilovers off JBuff it will all go away :)
  6. JdmInspireJ30

    Odd noise

    So ya my front driver side strut area is still making a squeaking noise when hitting bumps and pushing down on that side even after i replace the broken damper fork, i have no clue what this noise is, everything seems to be in working order, it almost sounds like something is loose. but ive...
  7. JdmInspireJ30

    White Rota Subzero's

    Im thinking these are the wheels i want or Maybe Bronze Tenzo DC-5 V1's on My Dark emerald green coupe. any idea where to find white subzero's????
  8. JdmInspireJ30

    anyone willing to do this??

    hancockd your an A** everytime i post up a thread you have to make a smart A** comment about something, sorry i dont know all the lingo and stuff but this forum is for advice and to talk about our cars not sit there and laugh and make fun of people who dont know every little thing. so grow up...
  9. JdmInspireJ30

    anyone willing to do this??

    Is there anyone willing to put to projector in my headlights if i ship and pay????
  10. JdmInspireJ30

    Xbox Live

    Anyone who gets on Xbox live put your name's down... Mine is CCT10589
  11. JdmInspireJ30

    Other than me, who has one

    i got an 03 cbr 600rr gunna sell it this spring and buy the 09 :)
  12. JdmInspireJ30

    Tire size questions

    i might have some old ones, i have 225/40/18's now but ill see if i have any pic, but no you should be fine with 205/55/15. it will look a little more low pro but not alot and will make it just a little wider for a more aggressive stance and not to mention better grip on them corners, just make...
  13. JdmInspireJ30

    smelly engine...

    6th gen's dont have cabins
  14. JdmInspireJ30

    Tire size questions

    the widest you could go on those stock wheel would be like 205's. thats what i have i wouldnt recommend going any wider or your tires will wear badly. but ya the sidewall doesnt matter but if you go to small it will look weird. i would recommend like 205/55/15 that would look good...
  15. JdmInspireJ30

    smelly engine...

    slow down son lol but ya id say maybe a bad cat or you could even have a rat in your ac vents lol i knew someone who had that problem. hahaha but ya. could even be a vtec solenoid going bad and burning oil very badly once in vtec, but i dunno its odd....
  16. JdmInspireJ30

    Speaker Install help

    im not completely sure but i think there are screws in the trunk the loosen then ??
  17. JdmInspireJ30

    Anyone in the STL,MO Area??

    hey i live in ofallon missouri and was wondering if anyone lived around here with a 6th Gen :)
  18. JdmInspireJ30

    Odd strut noise?

    ya i dunno what it is my Cv boot has a tear but it shouldnt be causing that noise. it almost sound like something is rubbing but i checked that it seems fine. ohh and my rear is clunking quite a bit i dunno. im just gunna order a full coilover kit and redo all the bushings and such i think.
  19. JdmInspireJ30

    Odd strut noise?

    ya i checked all of the basic stuff, but i did come to notice that my CV boot has a small tear in it and is leaking grease. i herd this could cause the clunking>?
  20. JdmInspireJ30

    Odd strut noise?

    Ok so last night i put in tein S-tech lowering springs on my 98 accord coupe and it all went pretty smoothly, but when i drove it i noticed over bumps its making a pretty load clunk noise, almost sounds like something is loose but i re checked and everything was tight, so im not sure on what the...
  21. JdmInspireJ30

    Coupe shirts....the polls are open

    when do they come out!!! im pretty sure 4 is the winner
  22. JdmInspireJ30

    Checkin in

    nice! welcome!
  23. JdmInspireJ30

    wheels yay or nay?

    nice! they look like the Rota Grid racing series wheel
  24. JdmInspireJ30

    Im doing my headlights today

    its easy, you wont have a problem. but good luck!
  25. JdmInspireJ30

    Papi RHD S14 Kouki (56k NO!)

    Are those Work Meister SP-3's????? cuz those wheels are sick if thats what they are