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    2002 Accord V6 need new engine

    if I remember right, I dont believe the 6 speed transmissions will bolt up to the j35... I did hear though that you can take the crank and rods n stuff out of the j35 and put them into like a j32... Someone else with more knowledge on the j series should chime in as I've just begun my research...
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    New wheels...

    I think they're dope! rock em man! you cant beat 350 bucks for a new set of wheels!
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    the acclude's face lift 98-00 coupe front swap and paint

    Thanx Rusty! and Im not quite sure to be honest! I just plan on going to the junk yard and looking and seeing what I find... I mean If all else fails I could make a bracket until I could find one to replace it. I was curious about the same thing cause when I bought it, it came with the license...
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    Exhaust smell inside the cabin

    me too! XD
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    the acclude's face lift 98-00 coupe front swap and paint

    back at you my dude! :D and I appreciate it!
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    frm sleeves are a PITA.. h22 block prep.

    No man I appreciate it! I mean I've built b and d series motors but I've never built my own motor... I'm positive I could handle the head but I dunno if I have the skills / balls to tackle that block... I'd hate to buy a new motor only to ruin the bottom end just to start all over and I've...
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    Something messed up happened....

    ^^^ this guy! seriously though, they could screw you if you arent diligent yourself.
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    worthiness of a 5 lug swap..

    hell yeah guys! thank you so much! :D I have a list to make! I got brakes and motor stuff to come up on now! haha :P forever a money pit!
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    frm sleeves are a PITA.. h22 block prep.

    that's the plan.. my current h22a4 has seen better days and I want to swap it with a type s or euro r (rather the euro r for the intake manifold), but I wanted to up the compression by putting h23 crank and rods in going from 11.1 to 12.1 with that I wanted to run stage 2 cams and the correct...
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    Something messed up happened....

    you can actually fix a dented plastic bumper but I mean the time it takes to fix plus the materials used to fix also add up so most of the time shops just get new parts because it's cheaper and faster in the long run. I fixed a mangled front bumper on a jaguar at school and it turned out really...
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    FS: red front bumper + oem lip & mod foglight

    is the lip authentic and would you be willing to separate any of it? had I saw this like 3 month ago I would've just bought all my parts from you but I got everything but an authentic lip... I kinda got screwed on my deal. :/
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    the acclude's face lift 98-00 coupe front swap and paint

    they arent anything super special... they are xxr 531 17x8.5 +20 4x114.3 platinum finish! :D the tires are ****ty but they are getting replaced... they are 215 40 17... Im gonna go with some nittos when it gets done here. I would've taken you up on that if I hadnt already bought another...
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    the acclude's face lift 98-00 coupe front swap and paint

    I've never actually done one of these before so Im not sure how to go about this. lol alright well I'll tell you guys what Im doing and then I'll start posting progress shots as I go! im currently in auto body school and I work full time at a local auto body shop and we now get to work on our...
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    it's time to re-re-reintrouduce myself

    so is this like a thing now? to charge people to host pics? in my opinion they are just gonna run that business to the ground and ruin a lot of forums n stuff in the process! Because everything is moving to facebook. :/ which I mean is ok but I try to stay off of facebook if I can! but tinypic...
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    frm sleeves are a PITA.. h22 block prep.

    that was actually really good info! lol thank you guys! :D alright so if Im understanding it correctly... you dont necessarily have to hone them at all as long as they are in good order! So say I bought a euro r or type s motor and I wanted to swap the crank and rods from a h23 I could? I mean...
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    frm sleeves are a PITA.. h22 block prep.

    the whole time of owning my h22... I've never wanted to build it due to the whole piston situation... now, I dont really want to build the piss out of it but I do want to get another h22. although I want to get a type s or euro r... that being said. I want to throw the h23 crank and rods into...
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    Help antitheft need to bypass

    I ran into this issue when I was doing my h22 swap.. I was an idiot and didnt do my research when I started and buought the usdm ecu with the immobilizer on it and as you imagined it failed but the jdm ecu doesnt have an immobilizer on it so now if if need a key I just go to the dealership and...
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    Tan Interior Swap

    ya know, people always **** on a tan interior but I really think tan looks nice if you take care of it... I feel like peoples hate with tan interior just comes with the amount of maintenance required to keep it fresh. I'd rock a tan interior if I had one to swap! good luck man!
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    Boosted Accord Pricing?

    in my opinion... you'd have better luck parting out the turbo setup! otherwise you are gonna get what it's worth which last time I tried to sell my car they werent trying to give me much for mine! lol we just have old beaters... hopefully someone with a better input can shine some light on...
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    Need help, on the fence

    sounds dope! cant wait to see the build! :D
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    Frankenstein bumper (SiR-T into 2 OEMs with a lip)

    well damn it! everyone eventually gives up the ghost I guess! I refuse! haha but damn though I would've really liked to see what he had done! especially since Im in autobody school and I work full time doing it now! I'd just like to see his process in how it was done! it sounds interesting and...
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    it's time to re-re-reintrouduce myself

    yeah I noticed how photobucket isnt worth a damn anymore... atleast for us unless you wanna spend a **** ton of money to host your own pictures... lol do you have any suggestions on who to use right now? I got some progress pics tonight and I'll post up as soon as I figure out what hosting...
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    Frankenstein bumper (SiR-T into 2 OEMs with a lip)

    I know this is an oldish thread now but does anyone have pictures of this? Im really curious! I bet this looks awesome!