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  1. Toyojake

    Loving 6GA

    Welcome, what have done to your sedan?
  2. Toyojake

    Rockford, MMats, LA, Pioneer setup

    I can imagine the back end of your car rattles quite a bit with those, what have you done for that?
  3. Toyojake

    what do we think about certifit?

    Not sure what part of Austin your in, but I'm way north and I usually head to the yard in Briggs, also smaller one right off 183 in Leander, and I use the one way down 1431 towards Marble Falls
  4. Toyojake

    what do we think about certifit?

    Why not hit up a junkyard? I've seen a lot of 6GA coupes and sedans in the yards around here.
  5. Toyojake

    New Honda ATF-DW1

    Perfect timing with this, due for a transmission service in about 800 miles. It says no negative effects with mixing the two, so I think I will drain/refill my transmission with this stuff at each oil change interval until the swap is complete. It can't be any worse than Z1 for our transmissions...
  6. Toyojake

    Accord meet: Houston Spring fling 2-20-11

    Few miles from 35 off of the 3406
  7. Toyojake

    Rear License Plate Issue

    Mine did the same thing. I picked up a bracket off a 5 series that fit perfect. ( I work at bmw) was about ten bucks and can use all 4 screws.
  8. Toyojake

    Accord meet: Houston Spring fling 2-20-11

    Just found this thread, I'm down to bring my AV6. Where are we meeting up? I'm out in Round Rock
  9. Toyojake

    TL-S Sway Bar

    So, the Moog links could possibly allow for dirt to enter, is there any other "better than OEM" link that has a better design?
  10. Toyojake

    V6 brakes

    I know that, my thought was to find a cheap "OEM" rotor upgrade as well as the caliper upgrade. After having no such luck, I didn't think there would be a huge boost in braking performance with JUST the legend calipers as its still the same pad and rotor.
  11. Toyojake

    V6 brakes

    Alright, so after some more research. I haven't been able to find anything about a rotor upgrade on the cheap. Most are part of a kit. So now brings up a question... has anyone added the twin pistons to an AV6, if so.. how much better is it than the stockers. With the single piston calipers up...
  12. Toyojake

    Battery suggestions?

    I do have a 6k HID kit installed and an alpine audio system sans subwoofers
  13. Toyojake

    photoshoot and rolling shots

    Where were you at? I think I may know that area.
  14. Toyojake

    Battery suggestions?

    +2 Going on 4 years with my interstate, no problems what so ever.
  15. Toyojake

    V6 brakes

    So the 11.8" rotors would be too big for the av6 brackets. What about the TL brackets or the legends brackets?
  16. Toyojake

    V6 brakes

    According to this post, they used TSX rotors that are 11.8". Any feedback on this?
  17. Toyojake

    V6 brakes

    Been searching for a while about the legend gs caliper swap and need a few answers I couldn't find. Is there a rotor upgrade for the Av6, or is the prelude rotor just for the 4 cyl guys? What are all of the brackets? I have seen talk of 23t, 25t, 28t, and T28. Not sure which ones come with which...
  18. Toyojake

    Difference in wheel sizes

    Hopefully going to purchase one of these wheels for my car to use as a full-size spare. I don't think there is a difference, but just wanted to make sure there wasn't a difference in size to my current wheels on my car, (Factory EXV6 wheels for 2002) before I spend the money...
  19. Toyojake

    Oil & Oil Filter Recommendation

    I have always used mobil one and a mobil one oil filter. Changed every 5k miles.
  20. Toyojake

    V6 six speed transmission donor cars

    Appreciate the link, I guess I used the wrong criteria for the search. Thanks
  21. Toyojake

    V6 six speed transmission donor cars

    I remember reading a thread either here or on V6P listing which model and year cars the 6 speed we can use comes in. I simply cannot find it again, after searching through both forums for 40 minutes. If I remember correctly we can use some of the 7th gen transmissions with minor modification and...
  22. Toyojake

    problem found? tranny problems :'(

    I work at a BMW dealership and I'm telling you man, my honest opinion get the CL-S. Its more than you think it is. BMW's are awesome cars. I drive them all day long they handle awesome and are quite fast...when they aren't in the shop.
  23. Toyojake

    IRIIICIK's, 2001 Accord Coupe EX-L

    Nice car man, you have the same stereo that I have in my AV6. I kind of like your rear emblem, did you buy one like that or did you just cut the original one?
  24. Toyojake

    What is the big difference between J32 and J30

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find much info comparing the two. Ive been doing some research recently on swapping a CL-S 6 speed into my AV6 and have been seeing that a lot of people opt to swap in a J32 as opposed to keeping the J30, and I'd like to know why? I don't know much...