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  1. Egi7

    Blah... need help desperately! Crappy situation/H22 swap related

    Not doable. I'm the only person on the forum to ever get that setup to work and when I say work I mean "driveable", not smooth or seemlessly. It is a lot of work, a lot of reading, and a lot of time. I would go detail by detail but we would be here until next month. I swapped to stick because I...
  2. Egi7

    Blah... need help desperately! Crappy situation/H22 swap related

    If your current motor is in bad enough shape that you are required to buy a new one, then just buy another f23. Do not even attempt the H22 if you are Auto and staying Auto. Plus if you dont plan on keeping this car much longer I wouldnt even go through the trouble even IF you were planing to go...
  3. Egi7

    Retard Timing for Boosted V6?

    Just from reading this thread so far and the questions asked, TurboAV6 do you mind posting pics of your build/car ?...........
  4. Egi7

    EMS for an auto? Want a cam and NOS.

    Jeezus this threads are comical at best. Guess I've been gone way too long. -mike
  5. Egi7

    g23 vtec swap

    I was referring to Jaron001, and for a DD and $1550, my H22 LSD does just fine. Save the G-swaps for project civics.
  6. Egi7

    g23 vtec swap

    G23 Vtec, Ha!! Save yourself the time, energy and yes, Money. This is a money pit in every sense of the word, unless you just dont care about how much you spend to make it a respectable build. You had better research this build extensively, and know what you are getting yourself into. Few, have...
  7. Egi7

    H23A Swap with Auto

    6th gen Automatic accord with ANY H series obd1 motor will be close to impossible to make work smoothly, believe me, I had an h22 with the MP1A auto LSD tranny in a 2000 accord. It took approx 7 months to get the car to shift out decent enough to drive, not even mentioning smooth. The auto...
  8. Egi7

    F20B swap

    you did the f20b auto in a 6th gen and it bolted right in?(false), In my earlier post I was referring to the f20b manual transmission "bracket", not the fact that it bolts up to any H/F motor, because we all know it does lol. -Mike
  9. Egi7

    F20B swap

    to answer your question, yes your mounts will need modification. To be exact your drivers side will need slight modification, but it isn't that bad at all. If you're already manual, then the passenger side mount will be fine if using the h22/f23 transmission. If you are using the f20b tranny it...
  10. Egi7

    ECU OBD1 in Accord OBD2B ...

    thats correct sir, i don't even have mine connected -Mike
  11. Egi7

    F20b ecu

    hey, thats cool man, post up a few pics of your setup, and we'll do what we can to help ya -Mike
  12. Egi7

    Any Experience with aftermarket H22 Headers?

    Sup guys, I know ive been gone for a good while, hope everyone is well. Now down to the question. H22 swaped guys, what kind of experience have you had with aftermarket headers, ie: performance experience with name brand or custom. Some time ago, when I completed my H22 swap I used one of the...
  13. Egi7

    550hp AV6 W/J30A1

    LOL, this whole thread is funny, absolutely comical. I've been gone WAAAY too long....
  14. Egi7

    Camshaft help, What motor do you have, Better yet, what car do you drive, What has actually happened to your motor, and what are you trying to accomplish????? Sounds like a whole lot of "by the way". Please answer these questions or we have NO idea how to help you. -Mike
  15. Egi7

    h22 passing emisions?

    The only way you are going to pass emissions is to buy the Euro-R motor, F20B or a 98-newer prelude SH motor. Not only must it be obd2 but it has to be your year or newer, if not, it isn't Sucks i know. -Mike
  16. Egi7

    Best swap for 98 accord

    LOL, boy this can get out of hand. If you want to swap your accords motor, its BEST to go with a complete engine, ie: H22, F20B, or H23. You "will" run into wiring problems with your H22, as everyone has, so be prepared to look at diagrams. The same is true with the f20b. But those two motors...
  17. Egi7

    Please help me with my h22 wiring before I overheat!

    Hey, did you ever get it worked out? -MIke
  18. Egi7

    Auto tranny swap....

    Dont swap the H22 or H23 Auto tranny on your f23. You will have hella problems, Iam not talking about the case and converter bolting up, that will be fine. But the shift linkage, shifter console, and rewiring will be way more than a Biyotch, trust me, ive done it. Shyt, iam still leaving stuff...
  19. Egi7

    To sleeve or not to sleeve....

    Honestly, I don't see why the f23 sleeves could'nt take 20 psi.
  20. Egi7

    OBD1 for the winnnnn

    ........he he he, wait till he gets it all worked out. Gonna be nice -Mike
  21. Egi7

    Project Build, Boost and Swap Almost Ready to Swap

    Good luck man!!!!, let us know your progress
  22. Egi7

    F23 Turbo or H22 stock?

    Sonnick, u been given your specs out to everybody, havent
  23. Egi7

    Egi7's H22 swap thread !!!

    My bad man, lol. Yea its a ebay header, to me it works just as good as a common DC header. I get pretty good midrange and my top end is nice I can hear it get deeper in sound. Feels like iam getting good power till 7700. As you can see, they turn that gold color as soon as exhaust hits it, it...
  24. Egi7

    Egi7's H22 swap thread !!!

    Drift, glad to see you make it over to 6thgen, yea its a ebay adjustable CIA intake. I short rammed it because of what happend to my last motor during rain It fits perfect, just like any other intake. I took the heat wrap off of it since the pics, it looks better without it. Hows...
  25. Egi7

    F23 Turbo or H22 stock?

    Well, think of it this way, my friend tim, has a boosted h22 6 lbs , makes 265 hp, a guy on honda-tech 4th gen h22 accord 30lbs makes 650 hp. Or go to the extreme, stephen papadakis's h22 drag tube chassis civic, makes over a 1000 hp. Its all in what you want to do with it, hell d-series boost...