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    FS: CG6 w/ Euro-R H22 Swap (So. Cal)

    I wonder if I should buy a 1-way ticket, wanna get back in the game!!!
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    ★ Russianred's 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR RB26DETT ★

    Re: ★ Russianred's 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R RB32DET Widebody Track Edition ★ My only comment is when will the rolling shots happen, congrats Nikita on acquiring this. My friend John has one that hasn't run in 7+ years he just saw yours and is motivated to get his running
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    FS: Dell Latitude 3550 laptop

    No one wants to make an offer
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    FS: Dell Latitude 3550 laptop

    BUMP!!! BO Accepted
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    FS: Dell Latitude 3550 laptop

    Up for sale is a Dell Latitude 3550 laptop. Battery keeps a fantastic charge. Asking for 300obo will hear all offers need to sell ASAP, here are the specs: I5 Processor 2.20ghz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Webcam Windows 7 Professional Office 2013 Pro 15.6" Screen
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    Kid's 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8........

    Thanks Bro I may do the Viper replica wheels next but the stock wheels are so nice but I'm ripping the motor apart during the cold season and building it and I'm trying to get my hands on another 6thgen cause I need my gas mileage and I have this and a Jeep which both drink gas
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    Kid's 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8........

    Thanks bro I'm trying
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    Kid's 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8........

    Back from the slight dead the car is a lil different now, slammed on Street Edge Coilovers, running spacers on the stock wheels, JBA catless mid-pipes and a predator tune. Here's a quick rolling shot idk why I ever get photoshoots done
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    | Bagged | ** 2011 335i E90**

    Mother of God those RS wheels
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    Mid Atlantic meet? Va/dc/md

    I havent been to a Mid-Atlantic meet in 6 years
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    My new daily, take two!

    Awesome ride man
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    Kid's 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8........

    So I've been lying dormant for awhile getting finances in order and handling family/personal stuff but now that things are looking better I bought another car and as much as I was looking for a Forester I couldn't find a 06-08 with reasonable miles or that wasn't beat to death already so I said...
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    Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S 6MT

    Re: Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S Andy..................
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    mid-atlantic spring 2013 meet planning thread

    I haven't been to a mid atlantic meet in 5 years, hmmmmmmm
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    Search The Different Between this 2 6GA Euro R

    Man 6GA is still getting trolled even in 2013!!! I've been gone way too long!
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    cleansleeper's Turbo G23 build

    I see other MD boys doing work these days, I wish I still had my CG!!!
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    Teams making a name(56K)

    Whats the purpose of this thread again?
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    Dell Latitude E6410

    Selling a Dell e6410 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate on it, its in good condition with a couple of scratches on the top. Asking 400obo shipped. Specs: Core i5-560M 2.6GHZ 4GB DDR3 RAM (1067MHz) DVD-RW/CD-RW 250GB 7200RPM HDD (BRAND NEW) 14.1" Screen Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit)
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    (Car found on page 17) Goodbye 6th gen car and hello new car.

    Re: Goodbye 6th gen car and hello new car. Getta sleeper like a Subie Legacy GT Spec-B
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    Kid crashes M3 into rocks in AZ.....

    Whats worse is that kid that wrecked the BMW gotta Mustang Cobra as a replacement......SMDH
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    Kid crashes M3 into rocks in AZ..... Cant embed because of age-restrictions
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    Help! Gotta find a clean 6th gen for fiancée

    You can buy mine in MD, dead serious ill give you a good price
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    H23a DOHC vtec swap?

    Ummm.....Yes there is an H23A Vtec, 220hp on it I chuckled, if your gonna do that you'll have to buy this first
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    Plans for your accord this spring/summer?

    keep it alive
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    Macbook Pro A1150

    bumpity bump