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    6 speed swap parts list! (organized)

    Where can I find this Richie Control Module
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    Transmission Finally Gone....

    Actually didn't think about the low mileage lol but that sounds like the best, and cheapest, resort right now. Thanks for that (hopefully I can still find a low mileage 6th gen v6 accord lol)
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    Transmission Finally Gone....

    Yea that could've went bad very fast, especially if I was in the highway.... I-75 isn't a joke.
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    Transmission Finally Gone....

    I knew this time would come, just wish I had done more research before I bought this car. Don't even feel safe driving anymore because now besides the slip, I can be in 3rd or 4th cruising at 50-70 and the Tranny randomly decides "hey this gear is too high for this speed" and tries to kick down...
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    Bent Rotor?

    Yea I figured that was it, thanks for the fast reply. And I have a kouple torque wrenches lol I just forgot to tighten up this wheel after I rotated all my tires
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    Bent Rotor?

    Long story short, I was driving and my entire driver side front wheel kame off and three kar slammed on the rotor and slid a little ways so it scraped some offriends the diameter. Wheel just wasn't on tight enough. Well got to the auto zone a few hundred yards away and got some new nuts. Noticed...
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    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Will Sedan front fender fit on coupe?
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    Front Fenders

    I know the front bumper and hood aren't interchangeable, but would a front fender from a sedan fit a couple? Wheel came off when driving and destroyEd my driver side fender so trying to get one from the local yard.
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    Tie Rod Replacement

    Yes I searched already but couldn't find what I was looking for and didn't want to revice year old dead threads for one question. Recently I broke my driver side outer tie rod. I'm replacing it today but Im looking for a guide since most talk about the entire assembly not just outer. Really just...
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    spoiler- yes or no?

    Call me a ricer but tbh I love the spoiler look and love my stock. But after having one on my SC300, think Im gonna to with a bigger after!market for the accord too, I actually plan on boosting it sometime (waste of money many may say,but hey its my money)
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    Changing brake light function

    I think Im gonna do this but a not further. I want to wire it to where my trunk taillight/spoiler light (not the one on the inside of the rear glass) flashes when the turn signals flash also. Wouldn't I just have to run the wire from the light to the wires for the flashers on the back and link...
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    New 6x9's

    Read back 12 pages, couldn't find the exact answer looking for. I got a crazy deal on some new 6x9s for the rear that I would be stupid to pass up. My question is, the stock 6x9 is 20w and the stock headunit pushes 20x4 but the 6x9s im trying to get are pushing 495 RMS 700peak. Would I have to...
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    Atf d&f

    Well it's that time for me. This is my first Honda coming from a Nissan and Ford and ik this tranny is VERY picky so I don't wanna get it wrong. Is there an ATF other than DW1 or Z1 that I can use? I read somewhere that the import valvoline max life is a great alternative. Need to know soon as...
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    What do i need to swap a j32 into my 03 accord? Can anybody help?

    There are forums for this already.
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Update: well I've been driving around alot and the car is still running good and no lights (except random side airbag light)
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    Interior Redesigned/Installed two tablets/Backup Cam/GPS '02 Accord EX V6

    How'd u do the radio/tablet swap, I'm very interested Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    CL-S Exhaust

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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    So update, today I did the steps you guys suggested by unplugging the backup fuse and plugging back in and that made the TCS light go off and I didn't believe it so I drove it around the block and the car got its power back! Also unplugged all 6 coil packs (individually) and everything I did the...
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Oh yea, and my exhaust is sputtering with thr engine too of course, frequency of it speeds up when I'm accelerating and eventually tapers off under higher speeds but Def can hear it out the tailpipe at lower speeds and idle. And forgot to mention, before all of this I took it to Honda for the...
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    CL-S Exhaust

    Photobucket is down, text them to me 6784906892
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Will Def try In the morning thanks
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Didn't overheat thankfully so wasn't that
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Yes the CEL is flashing. And no I only use shell and Texaco. And yes it has. Where exactly is this fusebox located please.
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    CEL and Traction Control Indicator Lit

    Well, I'm a dumb***. Was late to a very important meeting this morning so I was sort of pushing the car through the traffic. About 20-30 minutes of this and when I was at a stop light I felt some sputter and the CEL was now illuminated. On take off same sputter but worse until about 5k rpm...