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    Too low...

    If you pull a stock ride height accord straight down a steep enough curb you can get the bumper to touch the ground. That's not low, haha.
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    power:weight ratio? what's that?

    That's scary/fun looking.
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    possibly a new car

    What crappy communities do you guys live in where your car is that for sure getting stolen? Buy a nice alarm system, and keep your doors locked.
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    Departing with my CG :(

    I can't think of many times were I have seen 5th gen Accord and S2K on the same list of things someone wants to buy. SER Altimas / SpecV Sentras are sort of quick, but they don't have a huge aftermarket support, and they are generally fairly pricey to mod. Judging by your list your comfortable...
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    favorite part of our 6thgens

    My favorite part is that every girl I have talked to / dated has called it a civic. Haha.
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    Anyone ever mess with your ride? Tell your story

    How do you know it was pee?
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    Anyone ever mess with your ride? Tell your story

    Haha, this reminds me of an awesome story. My buddy was driving his frontier headed home and some one threw something in his truck. It was at night so he flipped his cab light on and saw egg all down the dash and on his jeans. Turns his truck around in the median, and procedes to chase this car...
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    Omg Omg Omg My Rims Changed Colors.....

    Push 'em out a bit. They look good.
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    Make-a-wish Ferrari Show - Farmington, CT - 6/19/2011

    Beautiful cars... I have always had a soft spot for Countachs. :afro: Thanks for sharing!
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    Tom's 5Star S2k

    The S2K would be a lot nicer looking without a sticker bombed windshield. I have no idea how he goes anywhere and does't get pulled over.
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    Raced a Genisis Coupe V6 today

    Lmfao!!! Aye daw I was speedin n bout flipped mah car it wuz so fun den i hung out wif my congressmen n sent pix of my dick 2 all dah hoes
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    Brent's 2nd Stance Build

    Very pretty
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    Whats Up with Vdubs?

    2-3 people will now inform you of how unsafe this is.
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    Mid-atlantic meet pic thread

    :duckhunt: love it
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    2001-2002 Accord recall

    I have no idea kid. Call 'em. Sounds like you need to learn how to drive.
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    OFFICIAL...WHITE coupe/sedan crew ROLL CALL

    Great looking car... Haven't seen this car around. Props x1000
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    2001-2002 Accord recall

    They can't really jipp you, it's free.
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    Strasse Forged Photoshoot :: Super Silver Nissan GTR

    Well there ya go! I learned something new :) And yeah, forgot to mention in my first post, really cool shots.
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    2001-2002 Accord recall

    Lol, should I have searched before I posted man!!!???? I think I am going to call up there tomorrow, and maybe bring it by this weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have time to sit at a dealership, or leave my car during the week.
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    Strasse Forged Photoshoot :: Super Silver Nissan GTR

    Why wouldn't they? The car leans back when it launchs and needs traction from the rear wheels. Wider wheels=more traction. I highly doubt a designer at Lamborghini thought " Man, these kids really like stance now! Lets have wider wheels in the back to look cool!" You do realize that AWD cars...
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    2001-2002 Accord recall

    Just got a letter in the mail from Honda. Recall on 2001-2002 driver side airbag module. Any one else get this?
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    RGs CG7 (All New Updates And Pics) (11/4/12)

    Re: *Updated June 13, 2011* RG's CG (56K) You got a ticket for being too low? I am so happy I don't live in California.
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    RIP my 6GA....

    Being that she was stopped in the road, with 4 children in the car.. Would you say she is the kind of person who may sue your insurance company? I would also advise speaking with a traffic lawyer. If you had a case, and could subpoena the passengers in the cavalier, you might be able to get this...