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  1. J

    Clear Coat Dents Very Easily?

    Those are fish eyes, will need to be redone. Contamination possibly.
  2. J

    Clear Coat Dents Very Easily?

    Could be fish eyes like lemon said, hard to tell without a pic. Could also be some type of reaction between coats of primer, paint, filler, etc... Fingerprints means it was touched before the clear or paint completly dried. I would take it back for refinishing if you paid for it.
  3. J

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Finally did my blackhousing on the headlights plus three coats of clear after removing the ugly eyebrows off and scraping off the old clear coat. A bit of a pain to do this but well worth it in the end. Also took all the tints off and did the red tint on the tailights. I'll leave removing window...
  4. J

    Lamborghini Aventador

    They are sweet rides. I see them all the time here at work. Last week we had a flat white one parked in the front of our hotel. It was gorgeous...
  5. J

    Would 2doors front lip fit on the 4doors cg??

    I tried it with an ABS one and it's a no go. 1/2" too short on both ends.
  6. J

    clunking sound???

    Interesting.... My car has been doing the same clunking sound for a while now. I've been under the car several times and just replaced the outer tie rods and the sound is still there. I hear it most when I reverse then step on the brake. Mostly coming from the right side of the car but possibly...
  7. J

    Front Lip Questions

    If painting it yourself get the ABS.
  8. J

    Anyone Know How to Fix This?

    Looks like the protective film is peeling off like clear coat. The only way to possibly fix that is to sand and re-clear the hole thing. Not sure if it's worth it unless you have all the tools and knowledge to do so yourself.
  9. J

    Wheel Color Change

    I like the silver in the first pic. I didn't see any gold???
  10. J

    Cutting your strut towers yay or nay?

    ^^ Nice fab work and pics.
  11. J

    Touching up dash (tan interior)

    Post a pic of this problem so we can help you with options.
  12. J

    *Slammed Thread* (56k)

    I think that's just 2k primer on there but I could be wrong.
  13. J

    lowered the accord today

    X2 I think mini trucks are going to make a come back soon fellows.
  14. J

    Chipped ECU info 02 Accord

    You can try, he did my motor/tranny swap. He's in Miami and this guy REALLY knows his stuff.
  15. J

    Chipped ECU info 02 Accord

    I agree with Snoobly also. Try maybe. There are plenty of Miami guys on there that might be able to assist you.
  16. J

    lowered the accord today

    Excellent work you have done on those rides. Just ignore all the smartasses on here, that's what I do... You will get used to it after a while. There are some cool guys on here too that know their stuff but also a lot of young know it alls.
  17. J

    6GA in civic midori green?

    Not bad. That car was painted, the door guards are painted but not the sideskirts it seems.
  18. J

    Post pics of yurself

    Me and the wife on vacation in Peru in July 2012.
  19. J

    Powder coated wheels and Baysonr lip kit

    Man that is clean... I like the no tint look.
  20. J

    Got rear ended this morning

    This, or about $200-$250 to respray that bumper.
  21. J

    (Tranny) *Update*

    If it was auto before then yes. Thanks for all the help guys!
  22. J

    (Tranny) *Update*

    Thanks Ryder, I learned that the hard way! I can't believe it lasted this long like that. My clutch has always been crazy hard. I will need to adjust it somehow.
  23. J

    (Tranny) *Update*

    Further inspection reveals that the clutch pedal assembly was flexing when the clutch was engaged. This is why my clutch felt useless. Forcing the gears in broke my shifter cable soon after. My buddy made a plate to affix to the assembly and the crossmember and I'm back on the road with the...
  24. J

    (Tranny) *Update*

    Re: I give up! (Tranny) What I discovered so far is that after closer inspection, one of my shifter cables was broken. That should fix the shifting problem. After that is done I will probably need to replace the clutch since it still feels very strange. I think my cable broke from shifting hard...
  25. J

    (Tranny) *Update*

    I need help fellow 6thgenners! Lately it's been getting harder to get my car into gear. Even some grinding sometimes. Last night I was driving home and then all of a sudden I could not get into ANY gear. I could not drive the car so I coasted to safety and waited for the tow truck. First time on...