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    My queen accord 2001

    Lol the body kit is kind of ricey. The wheels look nice though:lawl:!
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    DIY Coupe backup cam install

    Nice DIY! Wish I had this a few months ago. I paid 100$ to get mine installed lol
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    Jose's Silver Coupe (Updated Pics 2/15) 56k

    Re: Jose's Silver Coupe get some headlights that arent so ricey. Ive seen a few silver coupes with the clear/black headlights and they look great!
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    Hey 6th gen famz!!! Need help pickn speakers..

    Car audio is my all time favorite thing to work on. Super easy, and so many options. I would talk a look at some alpine type s speakers. Cheap, reliable, and sound great.
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    Heating up when sitting in traffic or stopped

    double check your grounds, thread bumping again here, hope im not to late. I had a serious problem stopping and breaking, had a lose battery cable, tightened her up and was good to go.
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    V6 Alternator Upgrade DIY W/ pics

    sorry to thread bump. but is there a technique for getting the belt on the new alternator? I bought a new belt for it along with a brand new alternator, and its not stretching enough.
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    i just swapped out the CAT for a brand new one, nothing changed. Any other suggestions? Anyone?
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    It's bolted on. Im thinking maybe if because i removed the 02 sensor is either heated the cat up to much, or clogged it. I am going to pull it off, and put on the stock one. That's the only thing that could possibly be related to the 02 sensor, because the sensors and ECU are both brand...
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    thanks for the diagram, im a little confused. I want to try monitoring the voltage to the FTP sensor, where are these terminals located? Are these the ones on the passenger side down by your feet that the ECU chords plug into? so i just touch the power wire of a volt meter to the terminal, and...
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    I haven't changed the FTP sensor yet. A honda mechanic said this wouldn't cause stalling problems And I haven't checked the 02 sensor voltage, because the light has been on for so long due to a high flow cat, so i figured the sensor should be fine. Everything was fine until i put a...
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    P0453 and a P0420 (from my highflow cat)
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    bump please.
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    PLEASE HELP fellow v6 owners needs you.

    Hi Guys, Having a weird problem with my accord v6 3.0 I have a highflow catalytic converter and decided to try and do the spark plug defouler mod to try and get rid of the CEL. I tried this once 6 months ago, ended up frying the ECU because of not being careful with the 02 sensor when...
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    Decision on fogs

    i got circular ebay fogs, i love them. matched with my 6k's.
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    maaco paint

    had a hood painted there a while back, didnt look aweful but not great.
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    Dynamat (UPDATE 4/28/12)

    Re: Dynamat looks good, im buying a civic si and using second skin on everything. whatd you think of dynamat?
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    e-brake indicator light activating when on full throttle. Wtf, someone help?

    check brake lines, this happened when i busted one.
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    rough idle

    fuel injector cleaner should help, check electrical connections, mine sputtered because the negative battery line was lose;
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    FS: ........

    rules :lock:
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    5 spd swap parts

    ^^ dibs on the 99 5 speed swap
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    am i slipping?

    sorry i shouldnt have said that i was flooring it from a dead stop, because thats pointless my wheels would just jump...its definitly in 2nd before i get on it.. i cant figure out if its slipping from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th. like i said it almost feels like something is wrong with the throttle.
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    am i slipping?

    well does it sound like im slipping to you guys? should i go a tranny drain/refill repeat and a cooler? suggestions on a cooler? use lucas?
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    am i slipping?

    well i would get a tranny cooler, but idk if thats the problem yet.
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    am i slipping?

    no one told me, i floor my car because i want to? i like the roar of my intake, pretty sure your questions are exactly is this supposed to help me? to everyone else- not sure if this has anything to do with the slipping, im not even sure its slipping...sometimes it feels like my...