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    East Bay car meet

    I'd show up! Car is beat up at the moment, I could use some inspiration!
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    Any bay area members down for a photo shoot?

    Wasn't sure if this was the proper place to ask, sorry if it's not. I'm in SJ. I have a camera. Just missing a beautiful car to shoot (Mine is looking pretty bad at the moment).
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    My First car and first step in the modding scene!!!

    Congrats on the coilovers pickup!
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    My 6th Gen Accord Coupe

    Looks clean!
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    San francisco bay area roll call!!!

    I'm in San Jose and decent with a camera, if you can ever get a few 6th gens I'd love to swing by!
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    Any ideas for wheels!?

    Wheel budget?
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    A few photos

    Nice pics. I really like the 2nd one :thumbup:
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    Battlefield Noob Shoot (No 56k or Homo)

    <3 that first pic!
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    *UPDATED 8/20* MANIAC's 2002 Accord EX

    Re: (Newbie Here) HATE's 2002 Accord EX Great car for a great price.
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    BGisMe's 2002 Accord Sedan Lx (56k)

    Engine/Performance: -stock Suspension: -kyb shocks(not on car) -megan racing coilovers(not on car) Interior/I.C.E.: -blue l.e.d. lights -broadway mirror -air spencer air freshner -pioneer deck -hifonics brutus 1600 watt amp -2 gravity 12" subs -massive capacitor 2 farad -sub...
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    Had little mishap...

    Brake rotor might be messed up. Mine went bad it and I had a similar problem.
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    cirsurvive711's 2002 Accord SE (56k not winning)

    Re: UPDATED cirsurvive711's 2002 Accord SE (56k fails) <3 your mods so far!
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    My new paint job

    Came out clean bro.
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    Clunk in reverse

    Nevermind on my idea then.
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    Clunk in reverse

    My car was making a loud noise when I would put it in reverse. Turned out I needed new tranny fluid.
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    Loving 6GA

    Will do sir. Hopefully later today.
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    Loving 6GA

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I knew I was going cheap with those, I just didn't know how cheap -__-
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    Hope you have insurance..

    Wow! Now that would just ruin my day!
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    Loving 6GA

    Kyb shocks and some Megan racing coils. Hope they last til I can afford an upgrade.
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    Loving 6GA

    I have a pretty nice system, threw on a front lip, fogs, visors, tow hook, and a couple more goodies. It's on some 19's, not dropped but I have everything I need to drop it sitting in my garage. I'll post my member ride ASAP.
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    Loving 6GA

    I will I'm just waiting to get my computer back from my friend. Uploading pics gets annoying on my phone -__-
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    Loving 6GA

    4rice, added to my vocab as of now.
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    simplyjavii's 98 Accord Sedan Lx-*UPDATE 12/23/11*(56K Warning)

    Re: simplyjavii's 98 Accord Sedan Lx-*UPDATE 2/27/10*(56K Warning) Nice nice, I'm a fan of your rims.
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    Roll Call: Southwest (CA, AZ, NV)

    530!! NorCal in the house!!
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    Loving 6GA

    Hello everyone. So I've been a member of 6GA for a couple months now and it just hit me that I hadn't posted anything yet. All this time I've been content just logging on several times a day everyday and just reading everyone else' posts, but i think it's time I join the conversations. This is...