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  1. JMillerUA6

    K here's a few real photos. And a few from a mini-meet.

    Car is looking just as good as ever Chris.
  2. JMillerUA6

    O.o Another Photoshoot? ;)

    That 8th Gen looks fantastic.....
  3. JMillerUA6

    my friends 1996 Dakar M3 coupe (11 pictures)

    Love it. Not really feeling the tinted corners though. If he wants some legit clear/smoked corners I have a pair if he pays for shipping. These guys right here: I put the stock ones back on because I like them better.
  4. JMillerUA6

    Lets be fair

    Locking this down Matt, and banning this and all subsequent usernames if you continue to make accounts.
  5. JMillerUA6

    Craigs List Find of the Day! Raptor Lined CG Edition!

    Yes Levin, I realize I have egg on my face now. Some people said we shouldn't help him, but we had already done this many times in the past whether it was for people that had something unfortunate happen and we wanted to help out, or raising money to buy toys for less fortunate children at...
  6. JMillerUA6

    FS: Work Termists SC1 18x8 +39 Offset 5x114.3 with 18 Kumho Ecsta SPT 215/45ZR Tires

    I REALLY REALLY want those wheels, lol. If I already had my car lowered I would buy them right now, lol. GLWS Dre, if you still have them in a month or two we might be able to make a deal.....definitely need to take car of my suspension first though......
  7. JMillerUA6

    Craigs List Find of the Day! Raptor Lined CG Edition!

    I lol'd......
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    FS: 98 99 00 01 02 Honda Accord i4 v6 Service Manual + Electrical Diagrams

    Did you write this service manual? If not, do you have written permission from the person/company that did to sell it for profit?
  9. JMillerUA6

    The Infamous.

    Levin, I don't know if you realize this or not but I live in West Hartford CT. James lives somewhere on Long Island. Here is a diagram..... As you can see I am about two hours away from Hicksville (I just picked that because I like the name) without any traffic. So figure three hours. I...
  10. JMillerUA6

    The Infamous.

    #1...I NEVER supported his street racing BS. As a matter of fact it was John (CrossCntryAccord) and myself that submitted the story to Jalopnik. I do however, support him learning from his mistakes and moving forward. Do I honestly know whether or he is still running his car on public roads...
  11. JMillerUA6

    The Infamous.

    He is a kid and he has definitely made some dumb kid mistakes, but we all do stupid shit when we're young. Whether or not we learn from those mistakes is what makes all the difference, and from what I've seen he has stayed on the straight and narrow. I hope he continues to do so as well...
  12. JMillerUA6

    The Infamous.

    Welcome back James :thumbsup:
  13. JMillerUA6

    Tri-state meet piks!!!!

    Holy SHIT, Andy went to a meet?!
  14. JMillerUA6

    looking for a 6th gen v6 manual accord
  15. JMillerUA6

    looking for a 6th gen v6 manual accord

    Yeah, I just changed that rule because it's outdated and I see no issue with new members posting a WTB thread if they're looking for a car or certain part. You're good. I think I saw someone on FB a week or so ago was selling a 5MT sedan for around $2k. I'll see if I can find it...
  16. JMillerUA6

    Cars and Copters Show - Sunday 9/16 - Plymouth Municipal Airport, Plymouth, MA

    Figured I'd post this here for those that want to come out...... Quoted from Bimmer Forums...... I have organized a caravan for this as well if anyone wants to join....... Caravan Details: I've organized a caravan to the Cars and Copters show at the Plymouth Municipal Airport on...
  17. JMillerUA6

    Nice looking 5th gen

    We've always referred to the Eric's as Black Eric and White Eric...nothing racist about it. Oh and.....Sup.
  18. JMillerUA6

    *End.of.summer Tri-State meet Sept 16

    Yet you only have eight (8) attendees, lol. Don't make the North East 6GA OG's come out of lurk-mode to show you kids how it's done. Once the cops showed up to our tri-state meet..... Then this happened...... and the Bergen County Sheriff's Office left us alone after that.
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    JMillerS52's 1998 e36 M3 Cabrio

    Yes....and it'll grow even more once I get some coilovers, wheels, an intake, exhaust and a tune, lol. :thumbsup:
  20. JMillerUA6

    Heating up when sitting in traffic or stopped

    Dude, before you go tearing into the engine and start replacing expensive parts just replace the fan switch and see if that fixes the issue. If the car only heats up when you're sitting still I can pretty much guarantee that is your problem.
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    FWIW I have no idea what's going on in this thread......
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    JMillerS52's 1998 e36 M3 Cabrio

    Page One Updated
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    OFFICIAL CanAm Cruise 2012 Picture and Video Thread......

    This years CanAm Cruise went awesome once again! If you attended post all your pictures and/or videos here...... Pics by Justin McDade of JM Photography - Unedited Video I Captured....... 7zfCUl4aPoQ HuCTtO846C4
  24. JMillerUA6

    JMillerS52's 1998 e36 M3 Cabrio

    I'm not going anywhere.....