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    GA/ATL IMPORT ALLIANCE;April 22,2012

    I will be there in the DC5. Hit me up if you see me.
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    Complete Bullsh!t.

    i would just cut some slack out of the middle of the bump and throw some fiberglass on it to keep it together. that is terrible though. they will probably make you pay for return shipping.
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    Almost two years ago..

    My post was centered around any given flamer's opinion and the fact that most people do not care about it. You somehow perceived the notion that I said "Nobody cares what anybody thinks, no matter the situation." That statement is quite more broad. I am not flaming the OP, therefore, my...
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    Almost two years ago..

    There is no logical connection between my final statement and my post.
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    Almost two years ago..

    You guys must have nothing better to do than to find every little fault in a person and/or post. If you guys (the flamers) do not agree with the thread topic, stfu and gtfo. Your posts bashing the OP has even less meritable value than HIS questionably valuable post. Just keep this in mind...
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    Re: dcmystery21's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k=nope) Oh okay. Are you still overseas or back in the states? I have quite a few friends in the armed forces serving all around the world and the consensus seems to be that it isn't as bad as the media makes it out to be (well, depending on your...
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    We knew it would happen...

    Loving your technique.
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    Re: dcmystery21's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k=nope) Yeah, i was trying to sell it as a donor car and couldn't find anybody in time. I couldn't find anywhere to store it either. BTW, how's the car? I has been quite some time since I have seen it. You were the one that introduced me to this...
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    Re: dcmystery21's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k=nope) Actually, I did. But only to part it out to make more money off of it. One of my friends has it now (in stock form) and they are going to be doing the repairs. I would have purchased another accord, but after a quick drive of my friend's RSX...
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    Help Should I Black Out My Roof???

    Find somebody that makes vinyls. that would be the easiest, cheapest, and most easily reversed route. i have someone local to me that makes vinyls for cars so you should be able to find someone.
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    Re: dcmystery21's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k=nope) After doing research on the fogs, I dont think I will be doing them. In order to install them, you have to do a great deal of bumper cutting that will be irreversable. Who knows...
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    Re: dcmystery21's 2000 Accord Coupe (56k=nope) Threw in some updated pics. Let me know what you guys think!
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    no vtekss?!

    You could hear your accord hit vtec? I could never hear mine. The k20 on the other hand... You might have to clean/replace that screen (filter) that sits in your vtec solenoid. Also, scan your car to make sure no other codes popped up.
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    FS: FS Stickers!

    Dont scare away my potential customers. If you buy these stickers, your car will instantly become more awesome!
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    FS: FS Stickers!

    Updated with more reasonable prices. I have never shipped anything via envelope so therefore I am used to higher shipping prices.
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    FS: FS Stickers!

    Eh, well half of that is shipping costs. Let me drop the price down for you guys.... And by the way, they weren't free. I had to buy the product. I'm allowing people to get the sticker without having to buy the actual product.
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    FS: FS Stickers!

    I am selling a set of stickers that I have. $8 shipped for 1 $15 shipped for 2 $20 shipped for 3 Complete List: x4 White Megan Racing x1 Yellow ACT Clutch Tech x2 Blue Exedy Racing Clutch x1 Red Motegi Racing Performance Wheels x2 Black and Polished Alum KW Suspensions x1 Black...
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    And the Pigeon Gods have officially cursed me!

    Re: And the Pigeon Gods have official cursed me! changing your brake fluid will not help. it has nothing to do with your wheels either. your pads could be glazed. take them off and rub them on concrete to roughen them up. I have yet to use that brake grease stuff a day in my life and...
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    And the Pigeon Gods have officially cursed me!

    Yes, just buy another bottle. its cheap.
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    Never understood the point of buying those tail lights. They are hideous. In for dyno vids.
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    Am I getting ripped off?

    i pay 60 to 80 to get my 215/45/17s put on. thats not to bad for stretching. i assume that includes balancing though...
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    Standard tranny issue

    I have never heard of a honda tranny with synchro problems this bad. Especially on an accord/f23. You are going to end up needing a new one or getting yours rebuilt.
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    Loosing Coolant

    There arent many. Look in the morning. The cooling system is pretty straightforward.
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    H22A swap cost?

    It wouldnt be worth it.