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  1. whitey2kaccord

    thanksgiving plans v.2007

    Going to St. Lucia. Coming back on thanksgiving day to camp out at BestBuy.
  2. whitey2kaccord

    Black Friday Sales!!!!!

    Thanks :D
  3. whitey2kaccord

    Black Friday Sales!!!!!

    Which page/site is that on?
  4. whitey2kaccord


    LOL at all the bean-town love for everyone except BC. Does anyone on here even know their mascot, or is everyone up there just bandwagoners?
  5. whitey2kaccord

    calling out all u bartenders....

    Shots: 1. Moonshine 2. Golden Grain 3-5: All others
  6. whitey2kaccord

    Beyonce falls during a performance

    I don't think she was really singing in the first place. It sounds like she was pulling a "milli vanilli" and using a backing track in place of her actual singing voice.
  7. whitey2kaccord

    Spotted: Retro Shark.

    Yeah, he lives up in the Sandy Springs area.
  8. whitey2kaccord

    Severely Corroded Battery terminals, how do i prevent this???

    Whenever my terminals get dirty, I pour a little cola on it and it gets rid of the corrosion. Autozone also carries little brillo pad things that go onto the terminal to prevent corrosion.
  9. whitey2kaccord

    My respect to my friends and those in the war. PLEASE READ

    I'm not military, but I live like 10 minutes from Fort Benning, so this kind of stuff hits close to home. The super bitch Cindy Sheehan (or whatever her name is) is coming to town next week to lead a rally against the "baby killing war-mongers".
  10. whitey2kaccord

    My respect to my friends and those in the war. PLEASE READ

    Awesome post, man. Its nice to see someone supporting the troops for once instead of bashing them and our government.
  11. whitey2kaccord

    Simpsons Movie Kwik-E-Mart!!!

    So was there no Duff beer?
  12. whitey2kaccord

    New Panasonic 42" Plasma:cool:

    Yeah, mine is silver, so it may have well been the 60U. They're still badass. :D
  13. whitey2kaccord long has/did it take? Degree?

    I am a Pharm.D student at Auburn. Its taken me almost 8 years to complete the degree, but come next May, I will be "Dr. whitey2kaccord"
  14. whitey2kaccord

    New Panasonic 42" Plasma:cool:

    iI camped out at BestBuy last Thanksgiving and bought the same tv for $1K. Its freaking amazing. How good of a deal could you "not pass up"?
  15. whitey2kaccord

    Coupe Shirts - what do you want?

    I kinda like the "No, its not a Prelude" and "Clean.Simple.Performance"
  16. whitey2kaccord

    The *WTF does everyone look like* thread..

    Me at Universal Studios
  17. whitey2kaccord

    whitey2kaccord's 2000 Accord Coupe LX

    18'' ADR Battle Exe
  18. whitey2kaccord

    whitey2kaccord's 2000 Accord Coupe LX

    Thanks for the comments, guys.
  19. whitey2kaccord

    whitey2kaccord's 2000 Accord Coupe LX

    Engine: ebay CAI, DC 4-2-1 ceramic headers, mandrel bent custom catback Suspension: currently on Tokicko Blues and Ground Control Coilovers Previously on Hackshack Air Cylinders with 5/8'' valves Interior: No Mods to interior except aftermarket CD player, MTX Subs and...
  20. whitey2kaccord

    Tshirts - Pick a color

    Will the "6thgenaccord" be on the front pocket area or all the way across? BTW, I'll vote for white (but grey is a good choice, too.)
  21. whitey2kaccord

    1,051lb monster pig

    Alabama kids with guns FTW!!!
  22. whitey2kaccord

    Ok..I had too..some people I just don't understand

    Link to the site for flaming? I'd like to see the replies to the post. :D
  23. whitey2kaccord

    how hot is in your area.and does it affect your car ?

    Its 90 with 75% humidity.
  24. whitey2kaccord

    New chica here!!

    Well, I guess I'll be the first to of yourself?
  25. whitey2kaccord

    Door Skin removal

    I haven't done it on a sedan, but on a coupe, all you have to do is drill out the spot welds CAREFULLY!!! Espescially if you're gonna reuse the skin. Other than that, its pretty straightforward.