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  1. jdmcg5f23a1

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    is there a thread about best detailing products? cuz I love to detail my Honda and I know what works and what don't work. any body have a preferred car wash or a preferred car wax? rims have never been my strong point any advice on rim cleaners would be much appreciated.
  2. jdmcg5f23a1

    First & Only Mod: Intake

    that was a good idea why didn't I think of that? a 10 dollar 90 degree elbow a 10 dollar rubber boot and a 20 dollar filter? car looks clean I really don't see blue sedans hardly ever. clean very nice
  3. jdmcg5f23a1

    im curious about ur build can we chat? im not into boost im more on the n/a side of the...

    im curious about ur build can we chat? im not into boost im more on the n/a side of the spectrum. ur advice an help could be quit usefull appreciate any help.
  4. jdmcg5f23a1

    Swapping Heads

    @greekpizza i see ur f23 is turbo with well over 200 hp and tq how much work did u do to achieve those numbers? i mean if ur running 6.5 psi u must have stock internals? cuz if u had forged internals im sure u would run atleast 10 psi? and woud produce close to 400 hp? can u dm a lil bit about...
  5. jdmcg5f23a1

    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    My dash is showing abs light but when I scan it comes up blank? Also I think my vtec solenoid is clogged or maybe the seal is bad cuz it's leaking. So cuz of the leak I don't think my solenoid is receiving the proper oil pressure to engage vtec. My vtec at the moment is hit and miss. Any advice...
  6. jdmcg5f23a1

    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    ive done lots of research on the h22 and f20b and seems like nobody likes the f20b only cuz it has less torque than an h22. sum people prefer the g23 to the f20b which is cool yet interested as to how good is it? i like happy high revving 4cyl vtecs they seem to perform well and make good power...
  7. jdmcg5f23a1


    so what would be the best thing to do build an f23a1, frankenstein a g23, h22, h23, or an f20? they say u can put k20a2 pistons in an f23a1 mill the head to achieve a 12:1 c/r but is compression alone enough to beef up an f23a1? i love my sohc vtec but i want just a lil bit more power. any good...
  8. jdmcg5f23a1

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    having difficulty deciding on rims for my 4 door? any suggestions or maybe a good site to check out a good 4 lug rim?
  9. jdmcg5f23a1

    LOOK! another accord owner! :D

    i remember a couple friends of mine use to meet up at hwy 6 and westheimer. but as of late it has become a slab fest/truck fest. annoying to have the cops raid our meets when most of us really just wana meet new people, see new mods, and just be cool social people. but idiots doing burn outs and...
  10. jdmcg5f23a1

    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    when u go to raise ur window and the window regulator snaps and ur window falls!!!!