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    New Rims

    yup black! i agree. theyre def an upgrade! 100x better
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    OEM Fogs- YELLOW fogs yet..what id i do both?! both film AND yellow bulbs? ooo.. ne opinions on that?
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    OEM Fogs- YELLOW

    Whas up fellas/ladies? sorry been MIA for sum time now. i wanna get sum oem fogs for my 02 coupe. thing is i wanna go for that jdm look. sumthing like the is300. do i have to get the lense redone? or is it the bulb thats has to be yellow. i prefer for bulb to be yellow. maybe i should go wit...
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    1 Pic 01 accord coupe

    looks juat like mine! lol niice . im luvin it
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    2000 Coupe EX

    lol to each their own! lol.. i luv my 19's! sorry bout the lost man. i agree. they should get the death penalty...they obviously dont kno the concept of hard work and dedication.. fuc*in F@gs!
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    MLK work crew

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    MLK work crew

    niiiice.. i wish i had the luxury of choosing what to rock... i cant wait till spring! what do u do at work?
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    MLK work crew

    i do... 6 pm school...**** sucks.! lol
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    Can This be True?

    yea good question?
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    Can This be True?

    oh yea... whas up wit the hood?!!? i want it..and the headlights?
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    For Eric ****004cyl****

    damn it gus! u make me mad! lol jk.. SH*T LOOKS SOO CRAZY! 10x better from when i seen it last..congrats bro..
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    how to draw a car in MSPAINT

    tha Ni**a has soo much skill!.. wow! im VERY impressed!
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    Time to visit the king...

    lol oh i dunno i have no clue. i agree, i dont like when people take advantage of sumthing when it its not neccessary. yes for those who are HERE in this country ILLEGALLY..for a "LIVING"...then i agree .
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    Time to visit the king...

    yea man..damn. im wit fallen on this. im not sayin wha TwoBit is sayin is wrong...its just the the word "infested" def sounds racist to me. real harsh! lol..
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    Time to visit the king...

    i agree..
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    clunk noise when shifting from park.

    yup im the same way. not all the time. ive learned to hold the brake down hard....the slowly move it from park.. i have 02 coupe lx
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    HID kit Club!

    Denso Ballast w/ rebased D2R bulbs. 4300k...umm HiD Kit Club #015? thinking about upgrading to 6000k but i wanna keep that natural look of HID's like the IS300. who knows...
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    Look what i got in the mail today!

    what kinda bulb is in the fog lights? h3? h4?....
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    biggest rims and lowest look?

    if ur goin for speed, def 17's, maaaybe 18's. Style....then i'd go wit 19's. just becarfull of those potholes!. i learned the hardway! here's sum pis. i have 19" dropped. the first ones are my old 19"s wit NO drop, second ones are WITH a drop. the ride is fine, thing is with rubberband tires...
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    no no no....its not an opinion...its a F*cking Fact! SRTs r crap...wanna be imports...that like have a honda civic hooked up to go OFF-ROADING! S*it just doesnt work! sorry to all the SRT affiliated people out not a fan of em...eheh lol
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    Trivia game

    count me in!....i need to get a retrofit! ...i just gotta win everytime for the next 1.3 years
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    Car Clubs

    Hey just wondering, is there ne one that is part of a car club? if so, is it an all accord? or mix car club? the reason im sayin is EliteStyles is clr club im part of and im wondering if i should create just an accord chapter type of thing... or keep it all mix? Any thoughts and comments...
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    Meet Somewhere For All Easterners

    sweeeet...i wanna go there! MY VOTE IS FOR WHERE DREMAN IS TALKIN BOUT! def down for that!
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    Meet Somewhere For All Easterners

    im in Allentown, PA.. ill drive to MD. sounds good. i dunno bout Tenn.. if i meet up wit people to carvan it down.. i think i'll do TN. but thats cool.
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    Will these fit my 98? *LOOK* And help plz!

    WHERE THE FU*CK CAN I FIND THAT FRONT BODY KIT!!! or bumper. i want it..just the bumper, not the lip.