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  1. Crono139

    Popping noise from front suspension, I'm completely stumped

    I replaced the lower ball joint which ended up fixing the minor popping/clunking noises. However, I still hear the louder popping noise from more towards the center of the front end when going over larger bumps. This video is a good example of it: sSoNAjLWXmA No sound when pushing up and...
  2. Crono139

    Popping noise from front suspension, I'm completely stumped

    I knew that I could count on you guys. Thanks a lot. For anyone looking at this thread in the future, TAS carries them for $16: Cheaper than the dealerships that I looked at just now.
  3. Crono139

    Popping noise from front suspension, I'm completely stumped

    My car has been making a popping noise when going over small bumps. The majority of the time, it sounds like the noise is coming from the front passenger side wheelwell but there are times when it sounds like it coming from the center of my front end. It usually sounds like a joint popping...
  4. Crono139

    Replacing upper strut mounts

    I didn't find anything when searching, surprisingly. My front driver side upper mount needs to be replaced so I'm going to replace the passenger side as well. I have Tein Basic coilovers which use the stock mounts and this is my first time replacing them (I'm at ~140k miles). Is this...
  5. Crono139

    BlkCurrantkord's '11 WRX

    I dig it and I agree on the wheel change. No Motegis for Birdman! I'm also glad to hear that you're OK. :thumbsup:
  6. Crono139

    CEL P1165, I'm stumped

    Denso: 234-9025 Honda: 36531-PAA-307
  7. Crono139

    CEL P1165, I'm stumped

    The O2 bung is located where the middle runners meet (not the best pic but you get the idea): Nope, no wiring extension.
  8. Crono139

    CEL P1165, I'm stumped

    F23A4 Neuspeed N2 header Random Tech cat (w/ non-fouler trick) Tanabe exhaust The header and cat were installed at the same time and I ended up with a CEL for the secondary O2 sensor (not sure on the exact code as I used the paper clip trick). Two spark plug non-foulers were used to clear...
  9. Crono139

    FS: 5ZIGEN FN01RC Wheels w/Tires (4x114.3)

    :furious: My current set is in hyper black.
  10. Crono139

    Original 5Zigen FN01R-Cs... restore or bury them?

    17x7 I posted in your thread by the way.
  11. Crono139

    FS: 5ZIGEN FN01RC Wheels w/Tires (4x114.3)

    Responding to your post from my wheel repair thread. Are the wheels silver or gunmetal (hyper black according to 5Zigen)? The lighting seems to be playing tricks on me.
  12. Crono139

    Original 5Zigen FN01R-Cs... restore or bury them?

    I stopped by a wheel repair shot in PA yesterday for an estimate on fixing my set of original 5Zigen FN01R-C wheels. For those who don't know, these wheels have been discontinued for some time now as there is a new "Hot" version out there in its place. Only a handful of sites still list them so...
  13. Crono139

    My Spider Kit NightMare!!!

    I highly doubt it.
  14. Crono139

    Header support bracket - necessary?

    I misplaced the support bracket bar that goes with my header. I could probably rig something up but I remember reading about guys on H-T not even using theirs. They either never installed it or it caused problems (mainly noise) when it was installed. Thoughts?
  15. Crono139

    Black housings on blue car... works too.
  16. Crono139

    is it just me OR....

    My rear bumper was replaced last spring. It has a slight bulge on both sides. It's probably just due to how it was installed/fitted. Getting the front bumper to sit right is a PITA as well.
  17. Crono139

    No more Pspec Tuning !!

    Not even a clearance sale? :p
  18. Crono139

    Matching Lugs?

    Black. Bull Lock is pretty close to stock:
  19. Crono139

    If you didn't have your accord, what would you own?

    Volvo S40 or S60R.
  20. Crono139


    Don't do it. Buy blackhousings or pull a DIY on your own.
  21. Crono139

    Few tuning questions

  22. Crono139

    Few tuning questions

    FWIW: LDY KLLA never said that he experienced anything like that, but who knows.
  23. Crono139

    Few tuning questions

    Boomslang > * I don't know which V-AFC you have, so I'll just link you to their homepage: As for the tuning, any shop with a dyno should suffice.
  24. Crono139

    Chipping an F20b

    I'm afraid to ask which shop did the swap.