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  1. tj.opalaccord

    tj.opalaccord's 2003 Civic Si

    is he on ephatch?
  2. tj.opalaccord

    Led Strips Are In Baby!!!

    + 2, kinda ricer.
  3. tj.opalaccord

    so i didnt feel like studying......

    dont get me wrong yours looks good too :)
  4. tj.opalaccord

    so i didnt feel like studying......

    Si is nice but you need bigger wheels.
  5. tj.opalaccord

    I Shall Reveal.......

    damn that is sexy
  6. tj.opalaccord

    tj.opalaccord's 2003 Civic Si I want to go lower...wheel gap ftl
  7. tj.opalaccord

    Tucson Meet

    Maybe even a cruise up the mountain....
  8. tj.opalaccord

    Tucson Meet

    Yeah I have a couple friends who own hondas and one owns an ep so maybe? When would you wanna?
  9. tj.opalaccord

    Tucson Meet

    I used to be the other naples from Tucson.... I no longer have the accord but maybe would be down for a meet sometime?
  10. tj.opalaccord

    tj.opalaccord's 2003 Civic Si

    Yeah, my bad for the wrong section, I didn't realize it till after I posted. But thanks for the comments, although I wish I still drove the accord. I got this cause it got wrecked. But the si has been fun modding so far.
  11. tj.opalaccord

    tj.opalaccord's 2003 Civic Si

    Hey all, I know most of you may not care cause after all this is an Accord forum, but I like you all. So I thought I would post pics of my ride since most of you haven't seen it and I took better pics today. Let me know what you think!
  12. tj.opalaccord

    Peak-a-Boo! Rays Engineering

    Your ride looks sexy.
  13. tj.opalaccord

    LudeNsoL Civic 4dr

    looks like you stole my seats.
  14. tj.opalaccord

    9.14.08 Northern VA mini shoot pics...

    beautiful whips
  15. tj.opalaccord

    CG3[toed]SLOTH's 99 Coupe EX

    It would look real clean if it was dropped more.
  16. tj.opalaccord

    2fast4all's 2001 Accord LX Sedan

    Welcome :)
  17. tj.opalaccord

    my fit v2.0 :D

    Don't worry about the fit bein called a mini van, i get that all the time with my si.
  18. tj.opalaccord

    **** kEyChAiN's Honda Accord **** (1st Page Updated 1-5-10)

    Re: **** kEyChAiN's Honda Accord **** You know what's funny, is that I was going to say "very fresh" and I realized you have a sticker "spunkyfresh"...Very nice though.
  19. tj.opalaccord

    Liberty Park meet (Post Pics Here)

    The pic with the cops and the one with all the hoods up are my favorites. :)
  20. tj.opalaccord

    New Bumper Teaser!!! (Ji-cell)

    Re: 新バンパ-のチ-セル!!! (Teaser) Thats rad, I can't wait to see when its done.
  21. tj.opalaccord

    1Sick98Accord Updated Pics

    What part of az you in?
  22. tj.opalaccord

    JDM Goodies

    I always looked up to your ride when I had my accord. looks great man keep it up.
  23. tj.opalaccord

    My new ride...

    Yeah I've been apart of ephatch for about a month now :) it is a good place to start learning...I think I am going to have fun with this car, too bad I can't afford an is300.
  24. tj.opalaccord

    My new ride...

    Thanks for the comments guys...I picked it up in Phx for 13g but I got some money from the accord from insurance so I didn't pay all that. I wanted something reliable and a gas saver...I only like the hatchback civics so this is the one I got. I know it might be slow, but so was the Accord, and...
  25. tj.opalaccord

    My new ride...

    Got it a few days ago, :) what do you guys think? I know its not an accord or anything, but mine will be missed. Oh yeah I love 5 spd.