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  1. G'sAccord01

    Hey guys! Long time no see!

    Wow man I didn't think they steal bikes like that up there. Or ride them to be honest. How you like the Gixxer? Are you getting another one or looking to switch up? I've driven a few different bikes and my fav is the R6. Leaning on getting an 07\08 for next year. I've driven a 05 and 07 gsxr but...
  2. G'sAccord01

    MonkeyV6's 2009 Lexus IS350

    I love this car. Expensive in it's category but a beautiful machine all around.
  3. G'sAccord01

    *MOAR PIX* 7/29/14 - juiCyyaccOrd's 1998 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

    Your retro looks bad *** :favorites13: Any pics with the high beams on? Car looks great good job very functional
  4. G'sAccord01

    Need Richie V6 harness or solution ASAP!

    Just so everyone knows. I have experience with Dan. He's a great dude and really knows his ****. When I first spoke to him he offered to guide me through the solutions over the phone free of charge but I decided it would be best to let him handle it. If you have a facebook you can find him in...
  5. G'sAccord01

    Ff type 2 coilover question

    I have FF2 ... 1st one blew 4 months after installed 2nd one blew 2 weeks after warranty expired had to pay $100 for a replacement shock. Within 7 months 2 more blew and I haven't changed them smh. When I get the chance I'll take them off sell them for $300 and buy something better.
  6. G'sAccord01

    Exhaust question.

    ^^ Wow .. Here they charge like $800 for custom exhaust and that's if you bring your own cat, resonator, muffler etc. smh ... I've been wanting to go custom but with that price :goofy_batman:
  7. G'sAccord01

    *MOAR PIX* 7/29/14 - juiCyyaccOrd's 1998 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

    Re: *TEASE UPDATE* 7/18/14 - juiCyyaccOrd's 1998 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L See now you are officially holding out on us ... :Boo:
  8. G'sAccord01

    FS: Bax partout (closed)

    Re: 18x9.5" +35 4x114.3 XXR 962 w/ 215/40/18 Federal tires Did you need a camber kit for the rear with that setup?
  9. G'sAccord01

    Anyone relocate fuse box?

    The only person I can think of that has done this is Herman. He relocated his to the Passenger airbag location. I think he had it in a thread with pictures somewhere but not 100% sure. Hit him up see if he'll provide more info.
  10. G'sAccord01

    June/July Winner: Michael_accord

    Got a new wall paper :peace: love that front end
  11. G'sAccord01

    Exhaust Swap with Acura CL-S mufflers

    Nice that is a real good pickup. Would like to hear the sound
  12. G'sAccord01

    What is cheap way to make your car as quiet as much as possible?

    Is frost king really a good alternative to dynamat?? I've always wanted to dynamat my entire car to reduce road noise etc. and also keep the sound within the car. Since this is originally purposed for heating/cooling does this mean in summer the car would be extra hot? Having leather in the...
  13. G'sAccord01

    sonni_kuba 2001 'Mugen' J32A2/6MT Accord

    I would love to see more vids. I just recently took off my single 3" straight pipe and was thinking of eventually getting something something exactly like this. I'm hesitating though because I like vibrant but they only make 2.5" and 3" dual tips and I was looking for 2.25". Magnaflow has 2.25"...
  14. G'sAccord01

    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    When you have to pull over and yank your wheel liner out (w.e it's called) When you have to turn on your vanity light to see the clock Damn passenger side airbag light turns on and off randomly
  15. G'sAccord01

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Re: RR's 3.2L '99 EX-L Coupe 6MT Cool I'm not the only one with a stock radio lol. People get in my car all the time and say I've spent thousands on upgrades and haven't taken care one of the cheapest (audio setup) :lawl:
  16. G'sAccord01

    ideas for ventilating the car while parked in the hot sun Auto cool is fabulous lol
  17. G'sAccord01

    ideas for ventilating the car while parked in the hot sun

    I never thought of this but it sounds like an awesome idea. I like the idea of using the existing venting system the most. Sounds like it has the potential of being the cleanest setup and the most effective.
  18. G'sAccord01

    Rims or 6-Speed Swap

    LMAO I love it. Not even because of the civics and teggys always trying me but because I annoy G35s audis and 350z and when they try to run that's when I shock them. The other day I did it to someone that drives a 350z near my house and he was pissed. He seen me working on my car in front of my...
  19. G'sAccord01

    Rims or 6-Speed Swap

    Like many others have said there is nothing like going 6speed. However If I had to do it again I'd do all my appearance mods before the performance mods. It is very easy to get these cars to look good so there isn't much to it. How ever when you move into performance mods you'll never be done. I...
  20. G'sAccord01

    FS: Auto J32A2

    New Jersey. Sorry didn't see your post til now
  21. G'sAccord01

    Electrical Probems

    Just so you guys know I took it to an auto electrician on Thursday and he swapped my wires that I had leading from the starter to the battery and ran one directly from the starter to the fuse box and another one from the Alternator to the fuse box. Changed the alternator to one directly from...
  22. G'sAccord01

    Electrical Probems

    I did remove some of the paint To me it is grounded enough. Tried grounding the Alternator but it didn't help
  23. G'sAccord01

    Electrical Probems

    I have a stock radio no amps. I plan on going to auto zone to see if they can test the alternator and battery. I'll try grounding the alt although I've never heard of doing that. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  24. G'sAccord01

    Electrical Probems

    :think: I've been having problems with my car for awhile now Just so you guys know it's a 99 EX 4dr J36 6spd Battery relocated to the trunk running 0 gauge wire Before the problem was that my battery would die over night {not completely die but never had enough to start the car). So some...
  25. G'sAccord01

    FS: Auto J32A2