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  1. Jakeypoo

    DIY Scratch Repair

    Has anyone ever tried sanding out scratches over their paint and touching up with duplicolor? I just repainted my lip with the rattle can of duplicolor taffeta white and it matched pretty nicely. I have quite a bit of scratches I want to clean up and would just like to see if anyone has had...
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  8. Jakeypoo

    Manzo USA Suspension

    To be honest I'm asking the same thing about their camber kits. A local shop's website had Function and Form Coilovers marked up far above a reasonable price, but the manzo rear camber kit (from the look of the part possibly toe adjustable too) seems to be sold for a steal.
  9. Jakeypoo

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    I'm at 214k, but I had my entire transmission rebuilt a year ago.
  10. Jakeypoo

    lets talk rear allignment angles

    I have a v6 sedan and I've been fine lowered at 2 inches (maxed out tein street basis coilovers) for a good 4 years now, with only some toe adjustment done to my factory kit. It seems like most of the camber kits I can find for 6th gens only fit the 4cyl model. My question is how low...
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