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    *UPDATED*Ulev 5 speed swap pros needed.

    I too did a swap on a ULEV and I ended up having to get a 2000 EX Non-ULEV 5spd ECM from someone selling one on here. There was a write-up on how to repin the wire for the O2 sensor in order for it to work, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work therefore I just got the 5spd ECM. As far...
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    FS: Cleaning Out

    Re: Parting out Car Ok, I'm still interested so if you happen to decide to ship just lemme know and we'll take it from there. Thanks
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    FS: Cleaning Out

    Re: Parting out Car Ok, Where are you located?
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    FS: Cleaning Out

    Re: Parting out Car Side skirts still available? How much shipped to zip 27844, Hollister, NC?
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    Another V6 auto concern

    Thanks for the input guys! I think I'll just keep her maintained and looking good until I find something else that really catches my attention and that I'll be able more to afford. Even with the high miles it's been an extremely good car with no major issues, thank God!
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    WW lip kit

    For 2 or 4 door?
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    Another V6 auto concern

    That's kind of what I was thinking too. I'd be very pissed going thru all that work and then it be one thing after another. Gonna research a lil more about the V6 accord coupes and CL-S. They are pretty much the only cars I'm interested in and that body style. Switching jobs/pay cut so I can't...
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    Another V6 auto concern

    First off, I've searched but still have a concern about the V6 auto in our Accords and Acura CL Type S. I have a 2000 Accord 4 cyl which used to be an auto and I swapped over to a 5 speed 2 years ago. I stripped and sold the wrecked donor car and my old auto tranny(260k). Now that I'm having...
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    **Socal SD Meet 2013**

    Damn, those 6thgens looking good! Makes me not wanna sell mine!!
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    FS: Cleaning Out

    Re: Lots of Stuff for Sale Are the Baysonr side skirts the "knock-off version" of the Honda OEM ground effects and not just stock sides? If so, how much shipped to zip 27844 in Hollister, NC? I want em!
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    Steering Wheel, Red/Clear Tail Lamps, Mugen Front Lip (4dr)

    Re: Instrument Cluster, Red/Clear Tail Lamps, Mugen Front Lip (4dr) I have a cluster from a 99 Ex 4door. Make an offer with shipping from 27844 (Hollister, NC) to your location and it's yours. I sanded the back to do an LED conversion(light more visible), but ended up needing my old one...
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    FS: Bayson R coupe rear lip

    Re: Bayson R side skirts, rear lip, poly mugen lip, NEUSPEED strut bar Where are located? Glendale where? I'm def interested in the lip kit. How much shipped to 27844 in NC?
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    Heater Control Switches stop working randomly.. intermittently

    My 2000 accord did the same thing. Sometimes it worked sometimes it wouldnt. Lights would blink on n off. Fan speed worked but couldnt control temp and vents. Turned out to be the circuit board for controls. Got one from a local salvage yard and swapped them out and that solved the issue. Cost...
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    She's right at 290Kall so far and has been a really great dependable car. If i can get my future mods done and the H22 really makes a difference I'll def keep her!
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Thanks guys, I'm new at this so I'll be working on getting better/bigger pics up on the site!
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    Accord cuts off randomly-help!

    Thanks for the info! I'll try it out and post results.
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Ok, I tried it and seems like they finally worked. Thanks!
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Ok, ok, ok, I'm trying to get pics up but will not work. Trying to resize, etc and I am new to this.
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Sounds like grammar police to me!!
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Sorry guys im working on getting them up today! Bare wit me!
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    PHAT97EX's 2000 Accord coupe

    Finally got pics up so here goes! 2000 ACCORD EX COUPE Engine/performance Rebuilt F23A1(All stock) Shaved head Swapped 5 speed Generic short ram intake NGK plugs/wires EXTERIOR Wings West rear lip and side skirts Mugen style front lip Clear corners with red LEDs Custom...
  22. My Accord at the beach!

    My Accord at the beach!

  23. My 2000 Accord EX

    My 2000 Accord EX

  24. She's clean now!

    She's clean now!

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    Late Night Photoshoot with J.Yu | Photography 9-17-12

    Maaaaaannn, that's gotta be one of the cleanest coupes I've seen! Can't go wrong wiwth OEM kit, so that's why Ima sell my Wings West and get one! Props!