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    BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta 4dr UPDATE 12/3/13 PG1

    Re: BkzTaffeta's 99' Tafetta Sedan another UPDATE 11/24/12 pix on pg 14 Looks great and I love the new wheels. Can't wait to see what sort of numbers you put down with the new motor. Sent via telepathy
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    Halloween Cruise Meet & Greet

    Im most likely going someplace to eat. Im too lazy to cook :rofl: If all you guys are still making the drive, Im going to - rain or shine.
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    Halloween Cruise Meet & Greet

    Nov 3rd is East Coast Fitment Festival in Charlotte, and Nov 10th is a track meet in Jersey, so if we reschedule for either of those weekends, Im out. But Im hoping we don't reschedule, so please no rain :wish: BTW, HeavyRL is coming from the south. Justnspace is joking too, he's from Texas...
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    Halloween Cruise Meet & Greet

    90% sure Im going, Im coming from the south.