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    99 accord wireless trunk and door work intermittently

    Buy an aftermarket alarm. $50. Fixes all the problems
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    Power Window Switches Different?

    Yes. Replaced a door and had to repin the harness. Easy to do. You tube. Swapped some colors to the correct location and it worked fine.
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    Where can I find chrome door trim?

    Junkyard only. Ebay if you want new clips
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    CEL P1259 keeps returning

    With supply chain issues I hear so many auto parts are broken right out of the box. Frickin China.
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    Replaced motor

    Check vtec solenoid. Oil level. Sounds like vtec rpm range.
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    Live local have stock parts. Lets do this

    Live local have stock parts. Lets do this
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    Parting out everything. Local is best as I need some stock parts too

    Pm you. Local have stock parts. Wheels swaybar etc.