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    Odd Highway Surging from code P0325?

    Are you sure the P0135 code is the only one you are getting? My 99 recently threw this code along with a P0401 code wihch is insufficient EGR flow. I haven't heard of the 0135 code causing the issue you are describing but the clogged EGR passage WILL cause what you are experiencing and it...
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    Need help with p0135 CEL

    EDIT: I am getting the same P0135 code, but figured out it was in fact my 02 sensor and not the wiring harness as I first suspected. Sorry for the inconvenience :D
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    New (to me) 99 Accord

    Thanks for all the input/ advice/ suggestions guys! I have been driving the car the last few days and the shifting seems to have smoothed out a bit, I would however still like to do the fluid change, if I do I will definitely follow the procedure listed above. Where are the fluid switches...
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    New (to me) 99 Accord

    Thanks I'll check it out. Sounds like a major design flaw...
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    New (to me) 99 Accord

    Thanks RR! I'd love to swap over to a manual but that's way beyond my skill set or budget-- just have to hope this auto tranny holds up for a while longer yet! BTW what is it that caused so many of these auto trannys to fail?? I've read several theories, one says the closed system of the...
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    New (to me) 99 Accord

    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum, I recently purchased a 99 Honda Accord EX sedan with 245,000 miles off CL Marketplace for $450. It actually ran but had lots of cosmetic/ electrical issues (power windows, door locks, climate control, and cruise all did not work--and the...
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    Southern Roll Call (TX, OK, LA, AR)

    Fayetteville Arkansas home of the Razorbacks! And I agree with the above post regarding OK roads, every time I drive to Tulsa I think where does all this toll money go??