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    DIY Paddleshifters on F23A1?

    Sounds like a lil rice but I would go for it and I support it lol... That would be a dope mod to see. I mean newer Lincolns like the MKZ use actual buttons for their tranny, and i know new chryslers/dodges use a dial type button selector. So why not some paddles on the honda? I think it is...
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    J32A2 + 6MT swap in my '01 F23/H23 5MT chassis

    Bro nice ****ing find man... It can always be done just gotta have a little faith lol ive seen some weird *** mods so tbh swapping things around isnt bad. Ive seen people get bored and put like tractor turbos on a car just for laughs . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Muffler help!

    You know what I agree about the ****ty sound, but at least it doesnt sound ebayish lol. But i love your example and im definitely gonna go through with that and hopefully when i get it on ill send you a test video or whatever of some revs and hard pulls. I appreciate your help man truly. Ive...
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    Muffler help!

    Whats up guys newbie here. Im looking for reccomendations for a good muffler system to throw on my accord coupe. i have an F32a1 that i plan on swapping for an h22 and maybe going turbo if i dont decide to get a 6 Cyl. So i want to get something decent. Im not the richest guy but if its a decent...