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  1. Bao N

    Difference between 4cyl and 6cyl catalytic conveter

    title: is there really any difference? Just got a 2000 v6 accord with origins of driving in new york with a completely stock exhaust with welds at each of the flange. I'm looking to get a catback exhaust and replace the catalytic converter at the same time. Every flange is welded except flex...
  2. Bao N

    j30a1 headers, 99 accord

    Does anyone know a brand or aftermarket headers that fit the j series accord? I bought the dna motoring ones from ebay, and the headers didn't line up with the new flex pipe they supplied, they cut the pipe size and increased the header pipe size, but it didn't work right, the pipe needed to be...
  3. Bao N

    Any help Locating o2 sensors?

    Hey all, I have the codes p0420, and other fuel trim bank codes, telling me that my engine is running lean and all that sorts of stuff. I previously had a problem with misfires that was simply fixed with wires and spark plugs, my previous ones only lasted about 10k miles(what a shame). Well, I...
  4. Bao N

    Fuel pump going bad?

    Hi guys, thank you all for the replies but I've stumbled on another problem. My car currently has misfires on all cylinders. I usually take short trips around since all the places I go to are short distanced away from each other. I took all the spark plugs and wiped off any oil that was on them...
  5. Bao N

    Fuel pump going bad?

    Hello folks, today during a sunny day, my 1999 j30a1 coupe stalled out in the middle of the road at a light. This was very common for me, and usually a turn at the key would do the job, but it didn't. I cranked it multiple times and it would rev to about 300-400 rpms then turn off. I proceeded...