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  1. trillobite

    AISIN brand DW-1?

    Found some info on it. It's not true DW-1, not a re-brand etc... It's AISIN's own oil based possibly on backward engineering, or spec'd to their own research of what they think the transmission would require. Second to last comment on page 3; Sounds like the fluid might be something to...
  2. trillobite

    6th Gen Accord F23 Vtec Operation

    In terms of determining whether or not VTEC on these Accords keep 2 valves shut, pull the valve cover off, turn the engine and look :) The last time I did a valve lash adjustment on my Honda 3 years ago, I believe all valves are always operational, but open farther when VTEC kicks in. However...
  3. trillobite

    AISIN brand DW-1?

    Just wondering if anyone has any info on the AISIN brand DW-1 transmission fluid. Are they the original manufacturer of Honda DW-1? I heard that AISIN makes really good transmissions at least. Found it here:
  4. trillobite

    Very rich at Idle and lean when the vacuum decrease

    I am still trying to think of another reason why your engine may be acting that way. The only other thing I could think of checking is the injector O-rings. If they were removed at any point during any of the repairs, it's recommended to replace the O-rings. It still could possibly be a sensor...
  5. trillobite

    Very rich at Idle and lean when the vacuum decrease

    I had a very similar problem with a 350 chevy engine about 5 years ago that I bought from craigslist. It turned out that one of the heads wasn't sealing against the block properly. I never determined if the head was actually warped or not, but the head bolts didn't seem to be torqued to the same...
  6. trillobite

    BAXA MAXA Transmission Firmware Source Code Anyone?

    I have been a software engineer for almost a decade now, and there has been one thing which has been bothering me for quite some. If I could just get my hands on the source code to the firmware of our transmissions, and the tools to reprogram, I might be able to adjust the way our transmissions...
  7. trillobite

    Driving everywhere in 2nd Gear to remedy tranny problems V6 Automatic

    You know... I got a new trans INSTALLED for my 4cyl Accord for $1500 down in LA. Some trans shops have sales, I got mine two years ago, simply due to overstock. Before I got a new trans, I did a "flush" by changing the fluid three times, and installed a magnafine filter. I decided to get a new...
  8. trillobite

    ItsAHandas 01CG3 build thread

    Beautiful car... I just got my 98 Accord LX back from my mom (she didn't have a car for a whole year, so I let her borrow the Accord). The first thing my girlfriend and I did... BEACH! 200 miles in one day :)
  9. trillobite

    Lack of noise from transmission, more disturbing than with the noise.

    So after doing three DW-1 ATF fluid changes once every 200 miles, and installing a magnetic ATF filter, the gear whine noise from my transmission has gone away, and somehow, that is far more disturbing than having the noise. Is this the calm before the storm? :ugh: I'll keep you guys up to date.
  10. trillobite

    Size of Crush Washers?

    Also, if you have a torque wrench, they are really handy for this job. The oil drain plug torque spec is around 33ft/lbs, which is MUCH lower torque than I usually place on bolts by hand. And congrats on scoring a 5spd manual Accord, I'm jealous!
  11. trillobite

    Few Tech questions

    Just an update: I finally got to change the transmission fluid, I simply did it in the driveway and measured how much old fluid drained out of the system, and put the same amount of fresh DW-1 back in. No catastrophic failure as those "mechanics" claimed would happen, and the shift between first...
  12. trillobite

    98 with 3.0 question.

    Personally, I am still learning how these cars work, so take this with a grain of salt: One thing that I do know, for some reason your fuel/air mix is not correct until you open the throttle up to lean out the fuel mixture, and the engine starts up. I am not sure exactly what is affecting...
  13. trillobite

    IAC replace and throttle body cleaning results

    I guess "knocking" isn't a word that is really proper in terms of the sound which is produced. Manufacturers say that the engine is "knocking," but I personally believe that the better term is "pinging." It almost sounds like bits of metal hitting the pavement, or just chattering metal in...
  14. trillobite

    IAC replace and throttle body cleaning results

    Update: Tinypic is STILL down, so I will post images later. also reports that tinyPic is down today. I woke up this morning, and found that the weather was a perfect 82*F outside, and sunny, and as many can understand, this resulted in an itch to dig into an engine. For a...
  15. trillobite

    ebay venom projector headlights

    Thanks, after doing more research, I think you are correct. The biggest problem currently, is that I may still need to get new housings, as mine are chipped quite badly, even though the plastic still looks pretty clear. I will try to see if I can save them through sanding, polishing, and a...
  16. trillobite

    ebay venom projector headlights

    So, many of you may know that I installed HID's into a projector housing so i can see the horribly worn-off painted lines on the road, without realizing that was a mistake (I learn everything the hard way). So, I was looking around for a full headlight assembly with projectors that could take an...
  17. trillobite

    HID legality and proper use

    Thanks for the tip, I am actually thinking about dropping in an entire headlight assembly, with some OSRAM bulbs. Although I enjoy how HID's look, just seeing all the scattered light, when I pull up to my garage door is pretty bad. When I get more time, I will do a retrofit, and re-use my...
  18. trillobite

    HID legality and proper use

    So true! Hahahah. So far, looking up codes, it seems mostly the people who get in trouble are those running headlights over 5000k that can be considered "blue," as headlights are to be between the spectrum of yellow and white. I edited my original post to display those codes. I heard that...
  19. trillobite

    Lighting pet peeve.

    Somehow I missed this thread while researching HID's, and I wish I didn't miss it. I was having trouble seeing anything, as oncoming traffic was blinding me constantly, so I thought that I needed to get some brighter bulbs so that I can at least see. Most of the harsh glare that I am getting is...
  20. trillobite

    HID legality and proper use

    Well, looks like I was yet another HID sucker. Thanks. Edit: Just letting everyone know, I am still researching this topic, no consensus on other forums, some say it's illegal outright, others say the law states that as long as they are not considered 'blue,' and aimed properly, they are...
  21. trillobite

    HID legality and proper use

    So my original Halogen headlights were not cutting it, as I could not see whenever headlights from oncoming traffic came at me, so I decided to hunt for better headlights. I searched around, and found that the good Halogens were around $60, and in my view, I thought I should be able to find a...
  22. trillobite

    99 V6 heisitation rough idle

    I assume you already found the solution, but have you checked the O2 and MAP sensors? The MAP sensor is like $10 on ebay, and easy to replace, might be worth a shot.
  23. trillobite

    MAP sensor replace results

    I was having some rough and inconsistent idle issues, as well as a stalling engine if the throttle was pressed too rapidly off idle, so I was going to pull the throttle body off and just clean and replace all sensors while I was there... but... I forgot to buy replacement gaskets... Anyways...
  24. trillobite

    Shift solenoid gaskets

    THANK YOU! That basically just tells me that I should have spare gaskets on hand.
  25. trillobite

    Shift solenoid gaskets

    Ok, this is frustrating... I have spent ALL MORNING trying to find a SIMPLE answer. When you go to remove the shift solenoids, to make sure the screens are not clogged, do you have to replace the gaskets? It's a big deal, since I have been busy for months, and I only had today to work on my...