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    DIY: Manual Climate Control Repair (Electrical Failure)

    I am glad this is helping more people out!
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    Wiring DRL

    Sending now.
  3. J

    Wiring DRL

    I drew it. Can you give me an email address so I can send you that?
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    P1357 and bad ecu?

    What is wrong with the tach and speedo? The best place to start would be to first replace that solenoid. And then check the speedo and tach against an OBD2 reader. Could just be something up with your cluster
  5. J

    Airbag resistance

    No, it won't blow from that. It is a very tiny minimal current.
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    Troubleshooting electrical problem

    Yeah, the root of most electrical problems are grounds/connections. In most cases, you will find your fix there.
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    Car Grumbling, lower idle for a few seconds *Troubleshoot*

    Can't really tell much from your video but have you considered removing and cleaning the IACV?
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    Airbag resistance

    Measure it with a multimeter. I am not totally sure. And don't just remove the bulb because I'm sure you would still like the passenger bag to deploy.
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    high idle and limp mode

    Well, first off, check the map sensor. Second, check your cam and crank sensor.
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    Anyone Going to H-Day August 2016 in NJ?

    I'll definitely be there.
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    Complete strut assembly?

    I have used the Monroe quick struts and can say that I like them on Honda's
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    Wiring DRL

    Tomorrow night, I will draw up a diagram for you.
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    Broken Connector!

    Connector isn't broken! Just press on the tab and pull the rest of the broken sensor out and replace the sensor! It's a coolant temp sensor.
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    Wiring DRL

    I did it with two relays, an add a fuse, an inline fuse, and connectors. Did an add a fuse to the sunroof fuse. That was the trigger for relay 1. Then, wired relay 2 to be triggered off by the low beams coming on but its power supply came through relay 1. I ran the two bulbs in series to cut the...
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    No start after motor swap

    Does the radio turn on when you turn the key to accessory?
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    Transmission Cooler

    Yup! You got it.
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    What years/Models have 4 lug v 5 lug wheels

    In 2003, all Accords became 5 lug.
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    Transmission Cooler

    Also, consider efficiency. I think the most efficient would be to run it through the stock cooler and then your cooler. The hose is either 5/16 or 3/8"
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    Transmission Cooler

    Well, the filters are usually one way flow so you need to know what direction the flow is. I would probably filter it right out of the transmission before the cooler. I don't know the size hose as I have a manual transmission.
  20. J

    Transmission Cooler

    You're going to need more hose than they have there but basically, you can either run it off the existing cooler, the outlet of the radiator and back to the transmission. You can also take the radiator out of the process altogether. The biggest thing you are gonna have to figure out is how to...
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    Swapped ecus need help with immo

    Absolutely. With that key though, you would be in good shape. You just need the key. Nothing else.
  22. J

    Swapped ecus need help with immo

    I would reach out to the ebay company and see if they have the key. That would make your life a lot easier.
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    Swapped ecus need help with immo

    Sounds like the guy transferred the wrong chip. Do you have access to the key of the car your ECU came from? If you do, you will be able to take it to a key guy and they will be able to gain access to the immobilizer to reprogram it to your key. If you get that key, you can hold it next to your...
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    Clock doesnt light up

    You're looking for 12-14v DC or possibly 9V DC. Not sure if that is one of the regulated bulbs. It might be. If it is, that would be the 9V.
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    AC does not work,no power to any options in center consol

    The lights change when you press the buttons? It's probably a bad blend door actuator if that is the case.