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    [updated 6/2011] xX24Xx's 1999 Honda Accord Sedan

    BUMP! Can anyone help me find the photo bucket account my photos are linked to? TIA Nvm lol found it. Sorry
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    FS: FOR SALE: F&F TYPE 2 Coilovers [wHoOp WhOoP!]

    Bump for suspension to dump
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    FS: FOR SALE: F&F TYPE 2 Coilovers [wHoOp WhOoP!]

    I thought they were 12/8 out of the box. Never changed the springs.
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    FS: FOR SALE: F&F TYPE 2 Coilovers [wHoOp WhOoP!]

    They were never $250. Price updated for a quick sale. I need thest gone.
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    FS: FOR SALE: F&F TYPE 2 Coilovers [wHoOp WhOoP!]

    This suspension has around 2-3 years of wear and tear as shown. Everything still works flawlessly as it should. HOWEVER the front drivers side strut is blown. You can buy a factory replacement for $70-$90. Just unthread the old strut, assemble on new and voila! Spring rates are 12 front and 8...
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    Official Bump in ur trunk~No junk in ur trunk!

    BS you ain't hitting a 145.6 with a TL on the dash. I suppose I'll help revive this thread... H/U: Alpine W505 EQ: Arc Audio PS8 Mid/High Amp: DDS4a (200x2rms + 100x2rms) Sub Amp: DDM2a (2300rms @ 14v or 1700rms @ 12v) Alternator: OhioGen 200a Front Components: DDA6.5 mid + DDAT28...
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    DIY Sound deadening?

    I've personally tested peel'n seal and the results just don't compare to what I used(Dyna Extreme). You would have to apply 7-10 layers to get what overlapping Dyna Extreme did to the doors.
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    DIY Sound deadening?

    Look...I know what I'm talking about. I second what Ryan said. Our cars are made of tin cans! Don't cheap out on asphalt based deadener. It stinks, it comes off when it's super hot, it's harder to install and you won't get results you want. Don't bother soundproofing anything. Road...
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    stupid people.....

    I can generally hear sq issues in songs. I'll always listen to a song to make sure there isn't issues like this at a certain volume. Then I crank it if it's ok. I have a "boomin stereo" but I frequently listen to rock. Tom Petty, Pearl Jam and J. Hendrix to name a few. Sure I got a list of...
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    6GA Suspension Diversity Poll

    Re: 6GA Supsension Diversity Poll (redo) Nobody has KW? Thinking of going with them and selling my F2s.
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    Cracked wheel?

    I'm screwed. 3/4 rims have cracks. Good thing I have his address.
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    Cracked wheel?

    Just got these on CL. Put air in it and there's bubbles coming out of that little crack. Is this fixable? Any idea on $?
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    Wheels & Suspension @ Bay Area

    Everything needed ASAP. My wheel is fcuked and won't hold air. Cash in hand. I need a good set of 4 lug wheels locally in the Bay Area. OEM preferred to keep price on wheels/tires low. Wheels with good tread preferred but not picky. I just need em fast. Looking for stock suspension in...
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    SRS Light! Am I in danger?

    Did you disconnect the battery when you installed it?
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    Amp recommendation for a ported Rockford t2 15"

    +1 on the AQ1200D or a DDM1C which is twice the price but does a rated 1200w rms at 12V
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    Subwoofer/Highs package request's!

    Before you recommend people buying car audio off ebay, you may want to consider a fact. A reputable shop sells a lot of the same products (or better) for a slightly higher price because the installer has knowledge of the product, offers warranty (on product and installation) and assurance that...
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    my new 15 inch Rockford Fosgate

    If you're ever in the bay area, hit me up. I'll give you a demo you won't forget. :ohsnap:
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    Kenwood vs Pioneer

    Don't compare SQ of head units with their internal amps. Personally, I'd never use a head unit's amplifier because you shorten the life of the head unit. Heat is bad, mkay?
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    Primary O2 sensor & CEL

    If anyone is searching for this, it WORKS!! Thanks again. :beer2:
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    Primary O2 sensor & CEL

    Thank you. I thought disconnecting the battery didn't work on engines with ODB. I'll jump on it this weekend.
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    Primary O2 sensor & CEL

    I've had a CEL for about a year or so. I recently moved back to CA and need to SMOG it, but can't due to CEL. I took it to a mechanic to read the CEL and he told me it was the primary O2 sensor. I have a ULEV, so I had to spend $150 on the OEM part. Part is now in hand. I'm very price...
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    FS: SOLD! End Links & Front Camber Arms

    Re: End Links & Front Camber Arms Sold!
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    Blackhousing headlights w/ LEDs?

    This is what a 5-LED single 194 looks like This is what a multiple tri-chip light strip looks like, adhered to the back Only one side is installed due to one of the strips being DOA. It'll have to wait till I get my car back from shipping HI>CA. Rep plz? :hide:
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    FS: SOLD! End Links & Front Camber Arms

    Re: End Links & Front Camber Arms Bump with reduced prices.