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  1. fothermucker

    Official Random Photo thread

    Some shots of my Passat and friend's A8L. Click for full size 1920x1080:
  2. fothermucker

    My '08 Passat 2.0T

    Thanks! The B6 (2006-2010) Passat was made in Germany. The new B7 (2010+) are made in Tennesee for N. America only. The turbo motor is no longer an option and they are not as sporty. Anyone have insight on the 9th gen Accord? I've been searching and reading random reviews - all very positive so...
  3. fothermucker

    My '08 Passat 2.0T

    Haven't logged in to this forum in awhile. 10/20/11: I traded in my '00 Accord EX for this, then added coil-overs and 18's: Great car but at only 45,000 miles it's showing a tendency to rust in random locations. My 6GA went through many tough winters and had not one spot of rust. Now I'm...
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    Official Random Photo thread

  5. fothermucker

    KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 12/11/11

    Re: KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 6/6/10 Great car and photos. Amazing!
  6. fothermucker

    fothermucker's extremely bland '00 EX

    It was buffed with a cordless drill and some kind of headlight/plastic polish, I forget the brand. They are still not perfect, but look much better. LOL thanks for the comments guys. I didn't expect any, just wanted to update my ride thread.
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    fothermucker's extremely bland '00 EX

    Some color after 1 week.
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    Official Random Photo thread

    Chittenango Falls
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    fothermucker's extremely bland '00 EX

    I've decided this car is just going to be a "beater." I am cheaping out - no coilovers, no drop, no fancy wheels. Just replacing whatever needs to be with whatever good deal I can find. I'd rather spend the money on my SS. I've some bills to pay off before I go crazy - patience is hard to come...
  10. fothermucker

    I h8 my job!!!

    Your job sounds like a walk in the park. Especially at a time when people can't find work at all.
  11. fothermucker

    help with oil consumption

    Since my original reply I've had the timing belt and water pump service done, had the valves adjusted, replaced all other belts, cleaned IACV and intake. Also replaced valve cover, IACV, intake and throttle body gaskets. My last oil and filter change was 8/29/09 and have since put ~1100 miles...
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    Creaking/rattling noise coming from headliner

    When my car is in motion I can hear a slight creak/rattle coming from what seems like the dome light. It's driving me insane. It doesn't seem to be the sunroof blind. I've tapped my fingers all around to see if I can get it to make the same noise but no dice. Has anyone else run into this...
  13. fothermucker

    DIY SCS Service Connector and SRS Reset

    I did this procedure w/ a paper clip snapped in 2 and it worked. So if the light stays off then I can hope there's no issues with the airbag?
  14. fothermucker

    wheels after lowering

    Personally don't care for wheels that say "Hey! Look at these crazy wheels!" They should compliment the car, not distract from it.
  15. fothermucker

    ZFreak's RB26DETT Z32 300zx build...

    A member on the Impala SS forum posted pictures of this car. He is also in Texas and said the Z was owned by a "local guy."
  16. fothermucker

    Wheel Fitment

    You know.. there's a FAQ for this.
  17. fothermucker

    Some Exhaust Q's

    I plan to replace my manifold and cat with the DC sports 4-2-1 ceramic header and the Magnaflow direct fit cat (w/ flanges) as both of my OEM units are looking pretty beat. I know I'll need gaskets and hardware for the cat, but I have no idea if the DC sports header comes with a gasket or...
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    This upsets me.

    Looks like I'll be buying some blue tape and a small grinder bit. I think my dad has a dremel - I'll take a whack at it this Sunday and take before/after pics.
  19. fothermucker

    This upsets me.

    Sketch, that's exactly what I'm going to end up doing.
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    Downtown LA Night Run

    Loved the first shot.
  21. fothermucker

    New stuff- Old Farmhouse, Barn etc.

  22. fothermucker

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    113k+ on my winter beater :P
  23. fothermucker

    Sickest 6GA wheels Ever?!

    I'm surprised that no one has the wheels I've been looking at for the past year now...
  24. fothermucker

    This upsets me.

    Thanks for throwing doubt in there sketch! The screws were a b*tch to get out. As for the mounts: I tried once already and it wouldn't turn. I don't think grease will penetrate the painted area that surrounds the mount but was thinking of just sanding the whole area down and seeing what's what...
  25. fothermucker

    This upsets me.

    No I already had to fix that light, I was referring to the lp mounts!