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  1. dawg316

    Remote Start Not Working Correctly

    the cold air intake has nothing to do with it. depends on the brand of automatic start, but in my experiance there usualy junk and dont last long. so most likley the auto start module/computer/brain is bad. not uncommon at all.
  2. dawg316

    604ACCORDS 98 Sedan

    did an auto to 5 speed on my EG civic. besides wiring the reverse lights. i had to wire the neutral saftey switch / park neutral switch ( autmatic) depends if you want to run the switch on the pedal , OEM like so you have to have the clutch pushed in to start it. or....... jump the wires...
  3. dawg316

    Help antitheft need to bypass

    you can call the dealership with your vin and they should be able to cut the key and program it with proof of registration
  4. dawg316

    Consensus Question

    depends on your goals and what you want to do with the car and what kind of budget. a h23a1 non vtec is a dog**** swap. while the jdm h23 vtec is a monster. even a h22. seems like you got a trash motor and i hope all works out. the f23 is an underated engine and can be had for cheap all day...
  5. dawg316

    Lighting issues

    Re: Please Help sounds like your turn signal stock is bad . the arm thing itself for the reverse lights its easy to check the switch with 2 people and a test light. check for power going in on the 2 pin switch. then put it in reverse and see if theres power going out. pretty simple to diagnose
  6. dawg316

    12/2/17 Photo Shoot

    droool :waytogo:
  7. dawg316

    wtb 5spd trans mount bracket

    just looked i dont have it. i got a spare rubber mount. i transfered my f23 trans bracket to my h22 trans. maybe look into 5th gen preludes and see if that bracket will line up with your accord
  8. dawg316

    wtb 5spd trans mount bracket

    il check and see if i have one. think i reused my old my f23 trans one on my h22 trans. but il dig through my parts pile
  9. dawg316

    H23 Blue Top swap.

    you can swap the h23 bluetop ecu it will just have a checkengine light. I do also recomend the h22 trans. i have a h22 with a f23 trans and then went h22 trans. **** is soo much better with the h22 trans.
  10. dawg316

    Which HID kit would you recommend?

    id go LED. plug and play no ballast to deal with. led > HID all day
  11. dawg316

    Trying to find the right hoses

    go here find the part number and call your honda dealership with the part number to see if they stock it and at what price. parts guys arnt realy the smartest. you gotta do your own leg work sometimes
  12. dawg316

    Window problem

    mine was doing the same thing for like a day before the regulator broke. protip, if you do replace the regulator. buy one with a motor and regulator as a unit. i bought 2 diffrent regulators and the teeth didnt mesh into my factory honda window motor. posted it on your youtube comment aswell
  13. dawg316

    Best brand ecu tune

    if you dont have money dont even do a tune. you wont gain anything with a stock engine + an intake.
  14. dawg316

    my Accord lost engine power help me out!!!!!

    if you got shocked thats a good indication of leaking spark plug wires. where you near the distributor cap by anychance when you got shocked? ive seen carbon tracking before that could arc through the cap. i would check into that first. replace whats needed before guessing whats needed
  15. dawg316

    Another New Guy from CT

    Man aint scarer of work. Love it:waytogo::waytogo: :waytogo: What did you use to hoist the engine up ? Looks makeshift
  16. dawg316

    proposal: Post limit before starting thread

    Thanks for the input / critisism You think we can atleast make a sticky in the urgent section that year make model and enginesize and milage should be included / recomended in the original post .
  17. dawg316

    proposal: Post limit before starting thread

    Hi guys i got an issue that ive seen around here lateley and its kinda been driving me away from helping fellow members out ive seen way too many threads in the urgent / help section about "help my car runs bad" comming mostley from people with 1 post. my opinion is this is a 6th gen...
  18. dawg316

    F23 swap into 3gee

    For axles you can just hybrid your own. Use f23 inner joints and factory accord outer joints. And hope the axle shaft length will fit. Worth a shot. i think it would be a dope swap. Are there any h22 swap mounts for that chasis? That might be the easiest way to go and then just build a f23...
  19. dawg316

    6000 rpm idle surge

    on the evap lines . did you cap them off when you deleted the evap system ?
  20. dawg316

    Power steering hose

    gutted mine. dont rember it being hard. but i have a fully stocked toolbox and a hoist. so couldnt tell you.
  21. dawg316

    Gradfien's 99 accord turbo sedan EX (56k)

    244 nice, time to update the numbers in your sig
  22. dawg316

    Car discharging: alt and battery okay

    would help if you list your year make model. whats done to the car. whats the milage and condition. you listed in your title that your battery discharges. do you have to jump start it after it sits for a few hours? are you familiar with using a volt meter? can you diagnose wiring? if not i...
  23. dawg316

    Front end help

    thats what happens when you buy off ebay. moog ones are cheap AF and solid. get those instead.
  24. dawg316

    F23 pistons?

    whats your goals HP wise. will a oem cast piston work for you or do you need a forged piston ?
  25. dawg316

    Idle Fluctuation after Intake Removal

    what happens when you unplug the IACV , do you notice an idle drop ? you cleaned the screen on the IACV when you removed it. did you add a little RTV to the o-rings on where the IACV meets the manifold? also you cleaned the EGR passages. you for shure used a new upper intake manifold gasket...