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    Eibach Prokit vs Sportline Springs

    I'd be curious with koni set up. A buddy of mine is looking at an Accord as next project right after we finished installing the skid plates and a few jeep accessories on his Wrangler project. Sports line with koni really sounds a good combination.
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    Hello from Europe

    Welcome to the community. Hope you will find some good leads here for any parts you need.
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    In search of a new ride

    Gates is definitely a good alternative to OEM.
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    A or B rims

    Another vote for B.
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    New in Wisconsin

    A little late to the party but welcome! Enjoy your mod projects
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    New in oregon

    Good job tracing it. One guy at the local meet up mentioned he wants his Accord to turn on the headlight on when he turn on the ignition.
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    New guy in Hawaii

    Welcome aboard! That sounds still in great shape.
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    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you got some good experience to share here.
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    jerrychoochoo's 01 Taffeta White Accord Sedan LX "Build"

    That's a huge difference! Nice
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    This really sounds an exciting project. How's the progress so far?
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    The Golden Coupe

    Never checked a Facebook group for 6th gen either. I should reactivate my fb account.
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    2001 LX

    That's one incredible car! Great job on mods
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    Throttle Body and EGR... How to clean?

    Good tips. We are going to do some general maintenance on buddy's Accord right after we finished installing the new fenders, headache rack and a couple of led light bar on the current truck project. We'll wait for the gastket to arrive and do the EGR and tb cleaning.
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    New wheels...

    I dig those wheels man, nice!
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    New from Newburgh!

    Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your mod projects
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    Newb from Cleveland, Ohio

    Welcome to the gang! Honda's are fun to play with. Enjoy
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    Honda Logo Door projector Lights

    Man that is pretty cool!
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    Help! Picking the right wood dash kit?

    Get some before and after pics. The dark shade should be great.
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    2.3L Accord from Springfield,IL

    Welcome aboard! That sounds a fun project
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    T.$.Racing's '08 Honda Ruckus

    That's one cool bike!
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    new guy from Poland

    Welcome to the group! This is a great place for knowledge.
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    Young new member here

    Welcome to the forum. You are in the right place for knowledge. Have fun
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    dash cams

    You can't go wrong with Viofo. I don't have direct experience thought but a buddy here got an A119 on his car and it works well even at night.
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    Clonerenolc's 00 Honda Accord

    Sweet looking 2000 Accord man, I like those new wheels!
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    Rusty Accords 97 5th gen Sedan LX w/F22B2 and 5 speed (56K)

    Still seem in good condition Rusty.