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    ComptechV6 Motor Build

    I still have this car, its been sitting for a long time... Now its time to tinker with it again.. I bought a inline pro j to k conversion kit to convert my car to awd, while being supercharged with a rotrex c38r supercharger
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    Question about coilovers

    Ive been out of the game for a while, and forgot a lot of information.. Would Coilovers from a CL-s work on a 6th gen? Since im trying to go with fortune auto coilovers along with a cup kit.. Tom
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    High Mileage 6th Gens

    I might have the lowest milage accord on this site lol.
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    What's in the trunk

    Absolutely nothing but 15 gallon atl fuel cell with nuke performance surge tank and fuel pumps
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    Anyone selling parts in NYC/LI

    i have catylitc converter maybe 10k miles on it?
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    Goals for 2017

    finish my 6 year build finally!
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    Jay's J36 stroker 6 speed LSD coupe

    very nice build! I cant wait to get mine back on the road!
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    August/Sept. Voting

    I got to vote for my canadian homie Judy!!!!
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    wtb: 98-02 tein lcoilovers

    How much you looking to spend.
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    Halabeaster54's CL Type S 6Spd/J35 Build

    you might have to tow it to an acura dealer to have it keyed, I didnt have to do that since i chose to go with aem ems.... who is doin the swap?
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    Menlo park meet

    Im down once my car is running 100%this way i cant blow the doors off shadid
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    Menlo park meet

    maybe ill trailor my car.
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    Menlo park meet

    Im down hopefully :)
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    injectors 280 dollars rc 440cc P2R fuel rails 100 dollars CL-s intake runners 110 dollars Prices lowered to sell
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

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    Now who is this?

    ^ yeah, im gonna try to take thme out at ETown I got a lot of surprises.
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    Now who is this?

    its the low mentality accords the ones airbrushed and chrome and tvs everywhere
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    This one and one time only Greddy emanage and harness lowered to 200 dollars
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    well, i have to go to the shop where my car is to take a pic... Ill go there tmrw. If youre seriously interested Ill sell you and you only the P2R Plenums and Intake manifold for 440 but pm me.... they are both highly polished
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    make me an offer.
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    Bump I can email u some pics ill give u package deal for the manifold and p2r plenuns since you have bought some from me before
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    FS: ComptechV6 garage sale

    Here are some parts that im getting rid of... Pics will be up soon, it will be easier for me just to email the pics of the items.. Ill have some pics up soon. NO PRICES Include shipping and will not pay fees for paypal soo yeah. Greddy Emanage and boomslang harness for av6 or auto cl-s 290.00...
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    Honda Day - Atco Raceway.

    I might be down, but willbe towing the car in.