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    FS: 6th gen accord retrofit $700(OBO)

    Never seen so much ridiculous lowballing in a FS thread. These headlights are clean. Very nice man. If i wasn't selling my coupe, i would be interested. I don't think my wife would go for having these in her sedan GLWS man!
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    Stock coupe tails

    i found them for $59 on amazon, so i will go with them if i don't find any cheaper. Condition doesn't matter too much as long as they are restorable. I want to clean them up and tint them anyway.
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    Stock coupe tails

    Hey guys. I am wanting to get rid of my aftermarket corner tails and go back to stock. I figured i would see if i could catch a better deal on here before i ordered them online somewhere. My car is a 02 coupe BTW.
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    Sony DSC-T300 digital camera

    price might help
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    Horrible reviews of 6th gen

    I never trust reviews on anything....but facts are true. Road noise is always a little much in Honda Accords and seat comfort isn't the best. Anything over a 3 hour ride and i have to stop. Probably not so bad for someone that is shorter though maybe. My wife and i both have 6th gens, a 02 3.0...
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    98 coupe hood, fender, side mirror etc.

    Yea. That was my next move. Unfortunately the only one in my area is owned by a family that my family has always had problems with so he gives me a hard Few times I've been I have never seen a 6th gen that wasn't stripped. Figured I would at least throw it out here before we go...
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    98 coupe hood, fender, side mirror etc.

    I am looking for my buddy to see if anyone has a stock hood, left front fender, left side mirror, or window regulator for white 98 accord coupe. I realize the hood isn't practical to ship and maybe not the fender either so preferably in the Georgia area for those.
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    Just bought my new car!!!

    Nice man. I wasn't too hot on the body style when they first came out, but they do look pretty sick dropped without those OEM wheels.
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    FS: 2004 Acura TL

    That's a shame. All the 04's i have seen around here have higher mileage and aren't even close to being that clean. GLWS
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    FS: 2004 Acura TL

    I have a kid on the way so i am actually looking to get rid of my coupe and was looking into a TL. I am a little confused about your location though. The license plate says Florida which wouldn't be too far, but Conn. is out of the
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    XBox 360, 2 games, 1 wireless controller

    lol..i said hard, not impossible.
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    XBox 360, 2 games, 1 wireless controller

    Gonna have a hard time getting over $100 with no hard drive. I repair these things and even with a 20gb hard drive, it is hard getting over $150 for them.
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    Scared Sh*tless Fishtailing

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    which wheel ??????????

    I voted for the bronzes. I am not a fan of white rims, but i really don't like them on black cars and i am growing tired of my black rims. I want bronze myself. 17's!
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    WHY do we love this car so damn much?

    I love the dependability. Everyone i know who doesn't have a Honda is constantly working on their car. Other than routine maintenance, I jump in the driver seat and crank up while they are climbing under the hood of their Ford or Chevy..ha. I do love the 6th gen coupe though. Best looking coupe...
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    hello from Georgia

    Must not have been to South Georgia too much?? I get pulled over for my tint(legal tint job btw) when i head through Taylor County or anywhere around that area. I do see those pink HID's a lot around Macon though. Can't stand Welcome man. I am from Macon, Ga.
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    FS: SOLD! ★☆★☆ Set of (4) HFP R7 Wheels! 18"s, Barely used! Come look!☆★☆★

    Re: ★☆★☆ Set of (4) HFP R7 Wheels! 18"s, Barely used! Come look!☆★☆★ Love those. Might be willing to scoop them up depending upon shipping cost?? Why are you all in California selling rims i want?? ha. PM sent.
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    GoldnKnight's '04 Acura TL 6MT..... It's Time. (56k)

    Sick ride. Love the rims and the stance on the coilovers is sick.
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    When your passenger seat has a rattle in it SOMETIMES, only when you are not trying to find it so to remedy it you put your bowling bag in the seat if you don't have a passenger.
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    wtb modem

    If you are getting cable internet, then any cable modem will work. I have a Motorola SURFboard i can sell ya if ya want it. With 3Mb downstream the specs. of the modem will not matter much. My motorola is up to 30Mbps. Any cable modem will easily handle 3Mb so you could probably just go buy one...
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    wtb modem

    Cable modem? DSL? I have two cable modems i can't use anymore due to moving to the middle of nowhere where only DSL is available.
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    How to get hyper blinker

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    Rizzy99's 02 ex coupe v6 (Updated-cell pics deleted)(56k no way)

    Re: Rizzy99's 02 coupe (Updated-cell pics deleted)(56k no way) Bump for update and less crappy pics except how dirty the car is. Be a little nice, F1's or 2's coming soon....undecided.
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    Feedback for Good/Bad Transactions

    Member: nexTOme Item Bought: Canon Powershot S3 IS camera Feedback: Great seller. Quick responses and shipping. Would definitely do business with again.
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    New to this site and owner of a 6th gen!!!

    Welcome Man. I actually kind of like the lights on your car for some reason. Hated them on mine(Not to mention the light output was horrible). Maybe it's the black lip with them. Blackhoused OEM's would set it off though. I got rid of my CB7 to get my 6th gen as well. Car was a champ. 267,000...

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