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  1. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    I bought the last of the roll at Joann Fabrics when I found out that pattern was getting discontinued. Still haven't found a replacement that I like as much.
  2. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    I hear that the CL has softer and more comfortable front seats, but I want full black leather interior. So CL fronts and TL rear? :)
  3. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    Does anyone know If the CL Black leather interior will be a direct fit for the front and rear seats?
  4. Sunoveabesh

    Tail lights deteriorating?

    Yeah, this happens all the time with our lights. Open them up just like you would headlights (oven or heat gun, whichever you like more) then just pick out the paint you want...I paint matched mine to SSM so it looks similar to OEM but better. -sorry, no pictures on my computer. You can get the...
  5. Sunoveabesh

    June/July Voting

    It was down to 2 for me but had to got with Michael, Texas love lol
  6. Sunoveabesh

    FS: 98 Sedan MT 4 cyl partout

    What would be the price for the driver side axle shipped to 78213?
  7. Sunoveabesh

    FS: 98 Sedan MT 4 cyl partout

    How are the axles?
  8. Sunoveabesh

    8thgen accords photoshoot during fall IA tenn. 2013

    :lewx4: I love these coupes so much more than the sedans
  9. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    Nope, not that I can remember...persuasive force may have been used tho
  10. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    Thanks for all of the compliments :) The plaid was picked up at JoAnns (sadly discontinued) all you have to do is cut it out, slightly larger than what you will cover, and spray the panel with spray adhesive then lay it down and glue the over hang to the back of the panel so it doesn't get loose...
  11. Sunoveabesh

    Sunoveabesh's 2001 Value Package (56k)

    After being a member on here for awhile I'm finally making a members ride thread... 2001 Accord Value Package purchased in Ohio brand new and has been in Texas since 2009. I got it my senior year in high school and it went through a ricer phase but it has since then been saved. Most current...
  12. Sunoveabesh

    *UPDATE* Vlads Gold Piece of sheeeeet

    Looks good as always but I miss the 01-02 coupe bumper
  13. Sunoveabesh

    new guy

    Looks good man, welcome to the site
  14. Sunoveabesh

    FS: Intercooler,OEM/Non OEM Fuel Items, AN fittings (More to come!)

    Steering wheel info? looking for black leather
  15. Sunoveabesh

    FS: 98-02 6thgen Accord parts

    What's the condition of the steering wheel? -also would you happen to still have the airbag?
  16. Sunoveabesh

    FS: Leather Steering Wheel TL/MDX NEW

    I'm going to assume this was sold... but if not pm me
  17. Sunoveabesh

    FS: Jimsun's FS Thread. 98 cg2 part out / aem sri

    Still have the steering wheel for sale? -how much shipped to 78213
  18. Sunoveabesh

    Beat the heat Accord meet!! Austin, Tx 9-21-13

    Sunoveabesh (San Antonio)
  19. Sunoveabesh

    June/July ROTM: NO CGs!

    Technically I own a CF8...not a CG lol -on a side note, not feeling the whole non-6th gen Accord ride of the month on a 6thgen Accord forum, but lets see where this goes I guess
  20. Sunoveabesh

    FS: WW lip kit sedan, nuespeed springs, HIDs. Price drop again 5/10!!!

    So if the lip kit is on your car and you're not selling it, take it off the thread. On the other hand, of you're still going to sell it send a homie a shipping quote :-)
  21. Sunoveabesh

    Close Please

    Re: i4 Clutch line I before you post lol I just wanted to buy one more than diy. Everyone selling one on the fs forum either sold it already or never pm'd me back. Thank you tho for the link it was an interesting read, just don't have the time to make one with a newborn in the house
  22. Sunoveabesh

    Close Please

    Re: i4 Clutch line I could only find oem replacements online for over $120 for the aftermarket ones they only listed it as compatible with cb's not cg's If you could post a link for either oem or aftermarket that would be appreciated :)
  23. Sunoveabesh

    Close Please

    Re: i4 Clutch line $135 isn't cheap to me lol Just had a baby and ballin' on a budget. Junkyards have them for $20 but everyone cuts them when they pull the tranny so they're always wasted :(
  24. Sunoveabesh

    Close Please

    Got it thanks
  25. Sunoveabesh

    FS: More misc parts I'm getting rid of.

    Re: Retrofit (reduced), manual swap parts, custom WW lip, sidemarkers, spacers/adapte clutch line shipped to 78213?

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