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  1. Jianizzle

    **READ THIS FIRST** Extra rules for "Urgent" Forum

    Re: Extra rules for "Urgent" Forum This new forum is a wonderful idea! :D
  2. Jianizzle

    So i took a couple shot's today..

    The car looks amazing as is! When I read the thread title, I thought you meant alcoholic beverages... :p Oh well. Stance is great!
  3. Jianizzle

    hook up passive sub with home amp at home?

    For the Phone to Home Receiver, you should try getting a 2-to-1 cable. Basically it's red/white on one end and Aux or 1/8" on the other. Something like this: Hopefully that can work. And for the sub, I'm clueless. :P
  4. Jianizzle

    How differential works

    This is an awesome video. I never knew a differential worked like that. Great post!
  5. Jianizzle

    My Green Accord What y'all think ???

    That has to be custom paint.. It looks sick, but it'll look sicker with those wheels that you're getting on! :rwerd:
  6. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Snapz, that is not my desire. Hahaha. Time to go head unit hunting!!!! Any recommendations towards a newer unit? I prefer Pioneer, but I'm not digging their newest lineup... Any suggestions? :D
  7. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Mmm.. I did not know that. Dangit. Well anyways, is it fixable, or should I just move on to better things? Haha.
  8. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    The Headunit that went bad was a Pioneer P-3000IB. The older deck is a Pioneer as well, just the lowest end at the very least. The RCAs correspond well with the old deck, but when attached to the newer one, the bass output is subpar in comparison to the older deck.
  9. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Thanks for the advice guys. I actually found out what the issue was. My dad and I were troubleshooting the sound system and it turns out that the deck was the issue. We switched in an older deck that I don't use and the sub started pounding with amazing force, ahahah. So I guess the Sub controls...
  10. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    I'm positive the XO switch is set to LPF and tried it off as well. How do I determine if the Amp is done or not? I don't have a voltmeter or anything. Any ways to check it? I'm basically just trying to find out if it's the amp or not. If it's some obscure connection messed up, I'm gonna be so...
  11. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Just tested the sub on my home stereo and it works perfectly fine. I have the biggest feeling that it is my amp. With that being said, you guys have any recommendations on cheap powerful amps?
  12. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Changed the fuses, no change. Checked all the connections and I'm officially looooooooost. :o I feel like it could be the amp itself. Gah.
  13. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Well the speakers still do work, but they don't play loud at all. The amp was mounted to the box, so it had to be removed with it as well. I'm gonna go grab some new fuses. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    I did not disconnect the negative battery terminal before working. My amp has two 25A(?) fuses and they seem to be fine The Power light is on, Blue, as it should be. Would the fuses have anything to do with the lack of power being drawn into the sub?
  15. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Mmm.. not that I could think of. Could it possibly be a fuse or something? I feel like it could be the Amp, but I'm not quite sure. No weird smells or anything. The box is 1.25 cu. ft and it's stuffed with some polyfill. At the moment, it's running free air just to be sure that it actually works.
  16. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Checked the polarity on everything.. Matched the reds with the red and the black with the black. I even have it hooked up on free air, outside of the box to be sure. It still BARELY hits, I'm at a loss for words.. haha.
  17. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Just two. One + and one -.
  18. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    I don't think it's a dual voice coil. I just have it hooked up at 4Ohms, I don't know if that makes sense.
  19. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    I'd like to think that I did. I unattached them and reattached them all to be sure that the connections were tight. I'm pretty much lost at this point.
  20. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Yes, like 10x quieter, in a sense.
  21. Jianizzle

    Sub not responding well?

    Hi Guys, Check this out.. So I recently took my sub out of my car to reseal the box because there were air leaks all over it and I also planned on adding polyfill to "increase" the airspace available in it. Anyways, long story short, I took the sub out for a couple of days and then when I...
  22. Jianizzle

    What would you guys choose?

    The first one really fits with your black'd out theme. I'd go 1st. :drool:
  23. Jianizzle

    Boring A** Pictures

    Car looks clean! That gap around your headlights makes your car look cleaner for some weird reason. You should paint the lip and it'll look grand. :afro:
  24. Jianizzle

    FINALLY!! I finished my headlights =]updated pics 12/9

    Re: FINALLY!! I finished my headlights =] Looks clean as hell, man! How do the HIDs look. Pure white? Or hint of blue?
  25. Jianizzle

    I think I blew my subwoofer?

    Sorry for bumping my thread for the thousandth time, but what is a speaker gasket? I don't think I have that.

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