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  1. thomasw333

    Holy expensive? Timing Belt Quote

    I got my 6th gen at 150k, changed the belt at 160k, it was the original, actually everything on the car except the tires was original and the car ran great, other than the paint coming its been the perfect car.
  2. thomasw333

    Found exhaust good?

    I have an ebay exhaust on my car from tuning pros The check engine light came on without...
  3. thomasw333

    Which front camber kit to get?

    I have the ingalls kit it is holding up well and with -1 degree of camber all the way around a noticeable improvement in handling, since you are so low and are going to go lower get the +1 - +4 kit.
  4. thomasw333

    Sound Deadener?

    My friend has a Ford Ranger extended cab, his interior panels shook and made alot of noise, he bought the Home Depot roofing material and one layer worked like a charm no noise, no shaking, the new speakers also sounded better.
  5. thomasw333

    Horrible Gas Mileage

    I have gotten 32 mpg before, i usually get about 400 miles per tank, i have a CAI, full exhaust and struts and springs all tune up stuff done a year or so ago. and 15 inch steelies with 205/60/15 bf goodrich g froce tires
  6. thomasw333

    Near Impossible Find?

    tirerack sells 19s but no 20s,
  7. thomasw333

    How many time's per day do you red line?

    The car is only quick if you redline 1st and 2nd, after 2nd though i am already past 60 so i just go to 5th, or i go through all the gears and get to 80mph, then slow back down in 5th to the legal limit, then i usually put it in cruise control. The 6th gen accord is fast enough if you have it in...
  8. thomasw333

    What color should I paint my brake calipers?

    Re: What color should I paing brake calipers? i would do black if you are only looking at those two colors, red is what i would go for if your open to another color
  9. thomasw333

    6thgenaccord Staggered Wheels Poll

    Having staggered fitment means you cannot rotate the tires around without swap in the tires rims to rim which would mean you have to pay someone to remount and balance your tires everytime you rotate them, or you do not rotate them and then they wearout quickly, very quickly on the fronts.
  10. thomasw333

    passwordjdm moneyshot!

    voted for you, because u got the best money shot, you actually added effects to your pics
  11. thomasw333

    Hate Posts

    yep, no need to hate, but if u do so be it, free speech and all, let the people be heard, i am sure the right people will still exchange the information they want.
  12. thomasw333

    how to post pictures

    also, that picture of your car at the bottom of your message, is that done with just imageshack. ow, good, u are teaching me alot about using the forum, first i will try a search about photoshop use in the forum, if they do not have it, u should do a write up on it. this is the internet, it is...
  13. thomasw333

    how to post pictures

    thanks, did not know about that detailed search page, this is my first forum, i also like the fake sarcasm
  14. thomasw333

    how to post pictures

    i dont know all the details on using the advanced features of the forum, how do i put up pics on the threads, and how do i make a sig on the bottom of the thread, i would like to post pics of some of my mods.
  15. thomasw333

    the legend's 99 accord ex coupe

    i like oem look, but if u like those tail lights, make it the way u like it
  16. thomasw333

    would these rims fit my car and if so do you guys like?

    both those rims will fit, i would say stick with 16s or even 15s if u want to go fast and have a comfortable ride, unless u are buying some expensive light rims, the value priced rims will be heavy and making turning harder, and makes the ride uncomfortable, i would look at rotas, from...
  17. thomasw333

    A Noob Coilover Shopping

    here is my take, lowered the car 2 inches, set alignmnet but not camber because o no kit, tires worn out 5000 miles, now have ingalls kit upfront with adjustable moving balljoint, and camber arm adjusters out back, set the camber at negative 1 all four corner, tires still 50 percent tread after...
  18. thomasw333

    DIY SCS Service Connector and SRS Reset

    good to have this info just changed my steering wheel yesterday
  19. thomasw333

    And so it is completed!... 6 speed swap.

    Re: And so it begins... 6 speed. nice wish my sedan had a v6 six speed
  20. thomasw333

    Stock Rims

    hey i had 17 inch rims, went back to steelies, put on 205/60/15 looks better because the tire is wider, also have a 1 inch drop from suspension techniques, anyway, the SE oem honda rims are really nice, and the slant 7, but then again i like my car looking stock, all go no show.
  21. thomasw333

    Civic or Accord?

    The 6th gen civic is nice, if it is an SI, or you are going to make into an SI, but if you are on a budget, Accord are weel put together, very high quality and reliable, the civic is a looser car, less majestic in its mannerisms. BTW big rims that are heavy can make any car slow, went from 17...
  22. thomasw333

    How old are you?

    25 years old

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