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  1. skabone

    limo in the rear, and the next step up for the front windows. pretty much anything goes with...

    limo in the rear, and the next step up for the front windows. pretty much anything goes with tint in AZ.
  2. skabone

    DarkSideAccord's 1999 G23 powered I4 sedan (56K go sleep)

    I haven't been on in a while, did you have to leave the states? you going to sell the car?
  3. skabone

    an e-mail my cousin forwarded to me about gasoline

    with hurricane season coming up its proably not going down till sometime in the fall. we're going to be getting kicked in the nuts all summer long.:(
  4. skabone

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    I just passed 200K, some slight grinds here and there but its holding up well.
  5. skabone

    Badger's 21st Birthday in Las Vegas

    you try craps out? I'm just glad they don't offer it out here at the AZ indian casinos or I'd be in trouble.
  6. skabone

    Civic Si Paint Job

    I know that dealership that guy is having problems with, their service department is full of scum bags. They tried telling me that my head gasket was toast. they purged an airbubble out of the radiator and its fine. They tried to rape me for $1500. I would not put it past that dealership to...
  7. skabone

    Brake rotor manufacturers....

    if your getting a regular OEM style vented rotor it really doesn't matter what you get. Its a big chunck of iron made in China and its stamped by different manufactures. if your going OEM style you can cheap out and get the Checker special. slotted and drilled are a different story.
  8. skabone

    if you could....

    Tom Brady during the NFL offseason. You've got a ton of money to spend and you can have any chick you want just by saying hi, drive any car you want, buy a killer pad. His current chick is a super model, you can't beat that life.:cool:
  9. skabone

    Insurance for Aftermarket Modifications?

    you could get a stated value policy which states what value you think the car should be worth and you pay a premium based off that. there are also endorsements that you can get on your policy for stereo equipment. the reason you'd want that is anything that is not installed perminatly is not...
  10. skabone

    Post Pics Of Your Tinted Windows

    exactly, you do get what you pay for when it comes to tint.
  11. skabone

    Post Pics Of Your Tinted Windows

    limo in the rear, and 15% in the front windows. what is the quality of the tint the shop is using. In AZ your tint quality makes a gigantic difference as well as the darkness. I got the top of the line tint and paid right around $200. for the price your stating sounds like your going to be...
  12. skabone

    What should I do?

  13. skabone

    DarkSideAccord's 1999 G23 powered I4 sedan (56K go sleep)

    Roy is just going to wear his pink 6GA shirt to the inspection, it will confuse the inspection guys and he'll pass with flying colors.:D
  14. skabone

    tint protects from terrorism?? :lmaoroflwtf:

    I'm completly protected aginst terrorist except for my front windshield, and the cops in AZ are totally cool with it.:cool:
  15. skabone

    New Mugen CIVIC RR !!!

    speaking of civics if they were ever to bring the regular civic type r here it would be 28K, it would actually be cheaper then the mugen inspired si. I'd get one if they brought over the type r, but the chance of that happening is pretty darn slim.
  16. skabone

    Has anyone heard of the movie "Fast and The Furious"

    I'll wait to pass judgment till they complete the paint. if they give it the subaru rally style decal treatment that would be cool.
  17. skabone


    there is a perception out there that we are a bunch of band wagon fans. Every time I run into a drunken moron at a bar I have to go into a breif team history to show I am a "true" patriots fan. I got into it with a colts fan as he was claiming I was a band wagon fan. I of course backed my...
  18. skabone


    well you care enough to make a post about it.:hihi:
  19. skabone


    BC eagles I'm not a fan at all. my old school played them all the time in Hockey so not a fan of BC.
  20. skabone


    there are all sorts of happenings going on out here. The Patriots fan club of AZ is throwing a party at our headquarters. Local Boston sports media guys from WBCN, WEEI, and the Globe and herald are going to be there. former players, and Bob Kraft should proably show up. Its going to be a...
  21. skabone

    what is pink and rare...?

    you and your pink shirt! lol
  22. skabone

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    I'm over 190K now and getting so much closer to 200K
  23. skabone

    Why are our engines so cheap?

    the prices of the engines is based strictly on performance. if you wanted to swap in a K20, K24, or a J series(v6 in the TL/CL/Accord) you looking to spend a grip as those engines are a little tougher to come by so its all supply demand related. I'm actually on my 3rd F23, and I'm glad they...
  24. skabone

    gas pedal

    save yourself some cash and clean out your throttle body before you go to the stealership. a can of throttle body cleaner cost $6 at autozone or pepboys. carbon can build up on your throttle body and I know dealerships charge $60-90 to clean out your throttle body and I'm so sure thats what...
  25. skabone

    Anyone wanna new GTR imported! Here it is

    I'd rather have the new american version of the skyline, I'm not into the RHD thing and you'll be able to get a GTR for 70k ish based on the rumors I'm hearing. the one downside of the new GTR I've been hearing is that the ecu is almost impossible to hack so you can tune it. although from what...

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