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  1. HPjunkie2007

    Rate the car above you thread, 1-10

    7 out of 10
  2. HPjunkie2007

    1998ACCORDLXSD Sedan....

    loving it. always like that silver of CG's
  3. HPjunkie2007

    pics of fogs at night time

    yes for sure :) 3000K or i might just get 8000k...i've grown fond of seeing cars with 8000k in the headlights and fogs
  4. HPjunkie2007

    THE Wheel Review Thread

    Brand & model: HP Evo 6 Size and Offset:18 x 7.5 Weight if available:light Price paid and from where:$500 bucks(No tires because i already had 18's on the accord) Motorsports on 441 in miami Pros: look relatively close to OEM wheels on the E46 Cons: lip is only 2 inches...want bigger lip...
  5. HPjunkie2007


    well if ur paying attention to that then i must be doing something right...because u know wat they when u have a hater thats when u must be doing something right...Lol I kid, i kid!sorry. But no its not suicide. i see clear as day and i got it tinted because of a medical reason.
  6. HPjunkie2007


    thanks...btw u got PM. :)
  7. HPjunkie2007

    Miami, FL Noob..

    i was going to come out to towers tonight but my homeboy that usually goes is going to a different meet so i'll just ride out with him to that one and i guess go to towers some other time. and yeah i have some goodies. like my OEM rims, my first set of 18", a spoiler, a OBX muffler, some...
  8. HPjunkie2007

    what size tire and rims will not rub

    i have 18 x 10.5 in the rear and 18 x 9 in the front...lmao i wish my accord could take that....but once upon a time, my first set of rims were 18x9 and i had them on 265/35 R`18...yes it was sexy!but i was rubbing like a mofo!and i was on stock suspension! whenever i turned u could hear it...
  9. HPjunkie2007

    aerospeed feedback

    i would like to get a rear sway bar though...
  10. HPjunkie2007

    Most Played Song In Your Car?

    T.I. - We do this :) thats the perfect song for my accord. T.I. ft. Plies-Rydin DJ Khaled- Out here grindin
  11. HPjunkie2007

    cjdm98's J30a1

    sexy coupe
  12. HPjunkie2007

    3.2 in an 4 banger sedan?

    yup. what they are saying is true. take it from a former dumb a** who tried to do the same stunt. after all the research i did, i found out it would be WAAAy too much money and wouldn't be worth it. u might as well swap your transmission and just build your turbo from there. you'll save money...
  13. HPjunkie2007

    esdeeezys 99 accord

    welcome. i like the 6th gen but i really dont like that blue for it... u should've gotten a blue like "00accord4cyl" or in black at least. that would've made it look real hot
  14. HPjunkie2007

    Miami, FL Noob..

    welcome...i stay in the miami area as well if u ever need anything. drop me a line. i got stuff layin in the yard if u need anything.
  15. HPjunkie2007

    pics of fogs at night time

    sweeeeeet...i have my civic fogs coming in tomorrow...and i need to go purchase my yellow bulbs..:) cant wait to install those bad boys in...i was wonderiing how would it look matched up with an HID kit...
  16. HPjunkie2007

    aerospeed feedback

    aerospeed and neuspeed are in different price ranges thats for sure. And besides i never really heard of aerospeed making springs which is why i was questioning if i should alot. Neuspeed on the other hand, is very reputable and well known and i have yet to hear anyone complain about the...
  17. HPjunkie2007

    Southeast Accord Meet

    if its in palm beach i am so in. :)
  18. HPjunkie2007

    Look at what my eBay intake did...

    Thats exactly wat i did. i bought my filter from my homeboy and got the piping from home depot lol
  19. HPjunkie2007


    thanks!i wish i had the V6 accord because if i had 5 lugs i could have gotten the same rims but with a 3 inch lip but they still look nice. but these pix are old. i have added many more mods like my type R lip, fogs, clear side markers and i'm waiting on my tint film for my tail lights. and i'm...
  20. HPjunkie2007

    What happens when you let a female distract you

    damn!lol of the reason why guys have accidents
  21. HPjunkie2007

    aerospeed feedback

    he was selling it for 200 plus install which is why i was so suspicious but i want Neuspeed...because there springs give 2.2(F) 2.0(R). and i've seen an accord with them and its the exact look i's her car:
  22. HPjunkie2007

    HondaBoy2292's 99 LX

    Re: HondaBoy2292's 1999 Honda Accord LX tints, i wouldn't black house the headlights on that color car. but thats just me. i would keep the heads and tails stock with that color...and then suspension, followed by drop and lip kit.
  23. HPjunkie2007

    My Ride Please Comment

    tints,lower,fogs,spoiler and then cruuuuuuuuuuise :) and as for the comment on good quality spoiler and fogs. i agree with u, the original spoiler and fogs for CG's look like CaCa to me. So i took my spoiler off of a maxima, and my fogs off a civic.
  24. HPjunkie2007

    New wheels

    this is the same thing i'm saving up for!!i must see pix! except i just want 19 x 9 in the rear and 19 x 8 in the front.

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