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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs :peace:
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    Rear Window Visor

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    Computer and Games forum

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    Calendar Feeler Thread

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    95 Integra DC2

    I just got my camera back.. I let my sister barrow it for her trip to Peru! Will get better pics tomorrow.
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    95 Integra DC2

    yeah. the wheels are 4x100 and 4x114.3 i'll get more pics soon
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    95 Integra DC2

    lol. thanks guys.
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    My car is gone!!!!! (UPDATED WITH PICTURES)

    ^eek, his and your insurance might say it was neithers fault and you can both be SOL.. someone must take the blame.. unless the police report states who is at fault.
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    95 Integra DC2

    ^good to hear.. I was going to text you not too long ago but figured with the 3hr time difference you'd be knocked out
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    95 Integra DC2

    it's actually a b16a. i'm sure it has work done to it but I don't know exactly what.. all I can see is that it has RC injectors lol.
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    95 Integra DC2

    So a couple days ago I said **** it and bought me a DD. it's a 95 DC2 with a turbonetics turbo kit, 99 front and rear bumper, headlights, tails. According to the previous owner it's pushing around 280whp(feels like a lot more though lol). Anyway.. I'm currently looking to do a semi-build so it...
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    HECz Accord Coupe // New SHOOT! 4/28

    no, i'm selling it as-is for $1200 it's wrecked though
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    $41 oil change?

    My sister went a jiffy on Tuesday and they charged her $51 for an oil change. They also said her reverse lights didn't work and that it would be $20 for replace them.. I checked yesterday and they work fine.
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    Nikon D40 Question

    buy my canon 40d lol
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    Helms Manuals for many Hondas.

    great.. :rolleyes:
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    Who likes Mustangs?

    I DO. My friends dad has a 68 shelby gt500kr and wow, that thing is sick. I also have a friend with an 03 Cobra.. that thing has serious bawlz.
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    Because I had to cut too much because of the brackets.. and you can still see them.. so :tgf:
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    E46 shrouds are in! I'm going to need new shrouds though.. maybe a4
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    Anybody let their GF's drive their car?

    I tried teaching her how to drive stick.. but she barely knows automatic.. so yeah. lol
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    JnC is what makes it werk man.. you have to cut too much of the reflector so this is the best way. Thanks.. but, I think I'm going to go shroud-less or order another pair.. I think maybe some CF would look nice.. Hahaha. thanks pm sent. lol yeah, can't wait thank you wen! thanks man.
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    Here it is.. finally finished with my retro. I used G35 projectors with 300zx clear lens, osram 4300k, phillips d2s ballast and E46 shrouds. cutoff is not perfect and it's something I'm going to work on tomorrow night. I mounted the projectors using the 'JnC method' but went with a slightly...
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    Post pics of yurself

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    Distributor problems.

    How hard is it to replace a distributor?? What is all the 'TDC' bs?
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    f u


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