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    FS: 5 Speed manual transmission, $325 obo

    Hey guys, I've got a 5 speed manual trans for sale. After almost 7 years in the 6th gen game, I've finally parted ways with the car and no longer need it. I bought it from an OG member here on the forum a few years ago because a shoddy mechanic told me my trans was gone when in reality the...
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    Looking for 5 speed swap parts

    I've got a trans and depending on where you are in NY, I'm pretty local.
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    Exhaust flex pipe to muffler nj

    Theres a muffler shop in Wallington that can fix it pretty cheap. My flex pipe blew, I took it there and it was repaired in like 25 mins. Not too far from Paterson and they do good work. I believe they used to run a rally team in the 80's. Theyve been around forever
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    FS: RSX type S steering wheel FS

    kinda temptng...where in LI are you located?
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    Beige Coupe Leather Seats, Door Panels, Glove box

    Where in Jersey are you located? and how much are you looking for? Bergen County, NJ..10 Mins from NYC I'll take a look into that..thanks!
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    Beige Coupe Leather Seats, Door Panels, Glove box

    Hey everyone, like the title says, looking for some "fine leather goods".. gotta treat myself...:lawl: Definitely need rears, fronts are a toss up at the moment, still deciding whether to pick up a set of RSX seats i found. Looking for basically a full leather swap if its available...
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    DrOwZee's ride **56k no dealL!**

    basically the same wheel set up I'm working on except yours look way better and mine are 17's and you're a half an inch wider front and definitely need to see my powder coat guy about going bronze.. are your rear fenders pulled or just rolled? natural camber? alignment specs? tire...
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    New member from Jersey...

    welcome man, where in Jersey are you from?
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    FS: Olivesomra's Part Out (LOTS OF PICS)

    07621 take your time man, no rush
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    Sil2DrV6's DIY Latte Art

    Re: I thought I would share with you all Those are pretty good man..I used to do these all the time back in the day when I worked for starbucks but I no longer have access to an espresso machine and a steam wand haha
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    100 Drifters of December!!! 2012

    I've known Miro for a long time now, since his pink 240 was white with a stock ka24 in it...he slid that thing like a beast even back then. He actually fixed my exhaust a few weeks ago..his welds are pretty sick for someone who just picked up a welder one day and went at it lol Definitely a...
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    FS: Olivesomra's Part Out (LOTS OF PICS)

    are you at all willing to ship the rear lip?
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    100 Drifters of December!!! 2012

    im pretty sure my good friend Miro was at this event. He has a light blue/grayish s13 with an LS3 in it...looked like an awesome time..wish I had a kouki s14 to slide around in
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    "Just teasing ya"

    was that at garden state mall? where in jersey are you from man? i havent seen you around?
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    FS: UPDATED: O2 Sensor, OEM 6x9 Speakers, Amber Strips

    Re: UPDATED: O2 Sensor, Amber Strips thanks again man!
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    FS: UPDATED: O2 Sensor, OEM 6x9 Speakers, Amber Strips

    Re: UPDATED: Megan EZ Street Coilovers, O2 Sensor, Shaved VC PM'd
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    Cost for 5spd swap?

    I've got a 5 speed trans I wanna get rid of fairly cheap..PM me if youre interested
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    **UPDATE** (8/27/2012)...GOTJESUS' WHIP!!! (56k,I Got Jesus) 6/27/2012

    car looks sick quality are those megan coils?
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    what about a 225/45?
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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    will a 17x9 +20 require a rear fender pull on a coupe? or will a roll do just fine?
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    used/new/damaged WW coupe front lip

    If you were any closer I'd pry the one off my old bumper and give it to you but getting it from jersey to Cali would be wayy to much of a pain in the butt. Sorry man. Good luck on your hunt!
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    FS: 2000 Honda Accord Coupe - NNJ

    nope..unfortunately its pretty unlikely
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    FS: 2000 Honda Accord Coupe - NNJ

    yeah man still for sale.
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    FS: 2000 Honda Accord Coupe - NNJ

    no way! thats not scary at all...:skurred: lol if you see me outside flag me down and say whats up next time..nice knowing im not the only 6thgen around anymore lol
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    FS: 2000 Honda Accord Coupe - NNJ

    yup i am..who are you? lol

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